Technology is tourism's new big challenge

Avatars that welcome you to a company, Artificial intelligence It is designed to „see” sensations or even hotels Marte. New technologies have exploded in the tourism industry, and this has paid off „figurative”A new concept was created to define the transformation or fusion of physical and digital.

And FITUR 2024 is a showcase for the “Total Challenge” of incorporating the newest and most disruptive technologies in the sector, and how they all complement each other in a dual direction:

  • On the one hand, they are great tools for promoting services and goals (simulators, virtual or immersive reality or giant screens).
  • On the other hand, they are one of the best tools (artificial intelligence or data mining) to design and manage future tourism.

Technologies had their own section at the exhibition. „Technical Features”. Last year means the nod Julio Verne Inspired by the movie 2024, with an underwater hotel recreation „Total Challenge” Directed by Paul Verhoeven In 1990; The biggest manifestation of this challenge is to entertain a hotel from another planet that allows „staying” on Mars.

Technology is embedded in tourism

He Bubble Hotel This includes – of course – eco-sustainable textiles, intelligent and efficient lighting, 3D printed luminaires with recycled materials, prototypes of beds that offer a high level of comfort or automation systems that facilitate the daily tasks carried out by cleaners.

All in a pressurized room where guests or workers can survive without artificial respiration.

But in „Fitur TechY” you can see avatars – which include AI and conversational systems – that greet customers at the entrance of a company and interact with them, among others, at check-in or out; cleaning robots; Flip-Flop Dryers- Disinfectants; or operational digital twins capable of intervening in multiple phases of the tourism process.

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Or holographic projections or gastronomic experiences involving more senses – sight and hearing – images, sounds or music that accompanies a dish, or the increasingly popular “viapass” that connects the physical world to the virtual world. The future already exists.

Collaborative robots

Beatrice HerasThe Head of Projects and Digital Transformation of the Hotel Technology Institute and co-organizer of this space at the exhibition is convinced that artificial intelligence, avatars, „collaborative” robotics or the latest technologies in the construction or textile industry are also going to break through. In the field of tourism.

China wants to lead humanoid robot industry; Its plans for 2025 and 2027

In EFE's reports, Beatriz Heras highlighted the importance of robot carts, which allow cleaners to pull heavy loads, and urged the use of modern technologies not only to improve places and services, but also to improve tourism management. To design the guest experience or very different spaces.

According to him, in the coming years, the number of tourists will increase, driven by innovation, not only visiting theme parks or museums and „technological” places, but also attracted by places or companies that are included in their offer (restaurants, hotels). rooms or cities) latest trends.

Prototypes and innovations

Spectators flock to fly over FITUR Doha Sit in a flight simulator or in the cabin of any Renfe train Spain; Fly over the facilities of Madrid Airport from a bird's eye view Barajas; And „vision”, almost and thanks to the famous „glasses”, anywhere in the world.

The most disruptive technologies that have emerged in the tourism industry, although they have not completely displaced or become obsolete, are very large screens and promotional videos used for tourism promotion in recent years.

FITUR closed its doors in Madrid after receiving more than 250,000 visits, with Ecuador as the guest country and Mexico taking over for the next edition.

The number of visitors to this 44th edition of the first major international sector fair of the year was 13.7% higher than in 2023, which „reflects the growth experienced by world tourism in the past year and lays the foundation for its consolidation in 2024”, according to its organizers.

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The 2024 edition broke the exhibition surface record with nine pavilions, one more than 2023, „as well as consolidating its global influence with 152 countries and 96 official participations”.

Haiti, at FITUR 2024

The country is facing identified instability. Haiti Aims to provide another image through tourism with attractions like beaches and cultural heritage than other destinations. Caribbean. „We have to see how to change that,” Haiti's tourism minister told EFE. Colombo Jesse Less.

The minister opined that the film, which was shot abroad because of the situation in the country due to violence by armed gangs, „has a lot to offer Haiti” that is rarely known.

According to the latest data provided United NationsHomicides in Haiti are set to double in 2023 from the previous year.

Beyond the western part of the country, the rest of Haiti, known for tourism to places like its beaches, has historic monuments, cultural and sporting offerings in safe areas and an international airport, the tourism chief explains. of its capital, Prince Port.

Ancient Fort LaferrierePalace Sans-Souci In Port-au-Prince, there are World Heritage Sites, such as beaches known as the Blue Falls LabadiNature parks like to Piatt And its carnival, one of the most colorful in the Caribbean, is part of its offering.

Laferriere Castle. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

„But we need to attract investments,” the minister said, to develop a tourism sector that has more potential than the offer traditionally linked to US cruises. „It's not a well-known destination,” he noted, compared to others in the Caribbean, so it could increase its market in tourist-sending regions like Europe.

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Beyond what the traveler sees „on the news or on the Internet,” Haiti invites them, in the minister's words, „to experience what it is, what its population really is.” To this end, the Caribbean country was featured in the US pavilion at FITUR.

Information from EFE Agency. The report was published in the February edition of Market Brief

Future Movement: According to the former Apple, Intel or Nvidia, the opportunity is „in the sky”.

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