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But when the star company intelligence Artificial (IA) The president is fired via video conference, more than 500 workers threaten to walk out if he is not reinstated, another company publicly signs him off, and then the disenfranchised man regains his position within a week with enhanced powers. Change. Everyone follows the novel. And Time magazine named him CEO of the year. It took more than a decade for Steve Jobs to return to the company he co-founded directory Apple will vote to remove him.

Why all the fuss now? „This is the industry of the future”, features Alfredo Pérsico, CEO & Co-Founder of FutureLab. Talking about Sam Altman And OpenAIThe text generator was launched by the company ChatGPT and DALL-E imaging. Through his work, he changed I.A Build on a familiar term and table a discussion of its development and risks of deployment.

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Executive summary

Altman returned as CEO of OpenAI A few days after the board of directors removed him. In a statement, he alleged no „Constantly honest in your communications”, without specifying exactly which. Rumor? Due to differences of opinion on how to balance security and marketing of revolutionaries Technology of the company. „The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue at the helm.” OpenAIThe company announced that it also removed Greg Brockman, the company’s co-founder, from the board.

The tech world exploded at the news. There were many open letters and positions on social networks. Strong: Majority of workers OpenAI He threatened to resign if the head of the company was not reinstated. It also came to light Altman was already preparing to form a new company I.A Kahn Brockman.

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Surprised, and most of all angry (according to Bloomberg), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (who owns 49% of the stock. OpenAIhas invested more than USD 13 billion since 2019 and is its only cloud provider), reaffirmed the commitment of the technology giant OpenAI After the names of the two are known, the post will be held Altman Medieval. But he made a master move: He announced it Altman And Brockman will join Microsoft “To lead a new advanced research group I.A.

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Already against the ropes, OpenAI announced his return Altman and an almost total overhaul of the board of directors that fired him. Given the changes and corrections, Brockman announced his arrival and the new directory He promised to select more members. „We feel stronger, more united and more focused than ever.”He agreed Altman to Time magazine on his second day in office.

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Sam Altman at the AI ​​Summit with global and tech industry leaders.

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Business subjects

Coming in and out OpenAI They leave behind some lessons for the corporate world. Let’s start with purpose and leadership for investors and high-demand workers. „„It’s essential in tech companies”, Persico says. In these institutions, a vision is pursued that shapes the future and unites those who believe in it. “If the CEO of any company leaves, there are 20 people in line to replace him. If it goes Altman, who will replace it? Without it, the system loses its appeal., adds Eduardo Roncagliolo, PAD’s Director of Public Management and Corporate Governance. Without clarity of direction, there is no trust, and without it the organization will not move forward. Not for nothing, the C.T.O OpenAIMira Murati posted on X (formerly Twitter) in the middle of the drama: “OpenAI „It is nothing without its people.”.

Do the directors OpenAI Don’t you realize this? Which brings us to another lesson. “When one is in a directoryA company needs to know where its value lies and take care of it”Roncagliolo says. In this case, there is one more Technology Grown up, the value is in sight.

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Also, as a fundamental asset for attracting investments and talent, the composition of a company’s board of directors should be broad to avoid making bold decisions that lead to reputational issues. Dealing with this situation paints a picture of a company with no control mechanisms, not very transparent, which can change lines very quickly with some people. „It undermines trust.”Persico insists.

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Another detail. Organizational structure OpenAI It’s different. It consists of two entities: OpenAI, Inc.A non-profit organization that owns 51% of the shares and oversees the subsidiary OpenAI LPIt’s just as profitable as any other Silicon Valley company.

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He directory The shooter Altman Belongs to a non-profit organization. Before returning Altman, some members of that board also lost their posts. Does the model work? To Roberto Soya, Chief Technical Officer of Identification and Control (IDCON), no. „If this was a non-profit organization, this problem would never have happened.”he demands.

Sam Altman and OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutzkever.

Sam Altman and OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutzkever.

More teachings

The general manager must communicate with all stakeholders in a continuous process, including knowing what directory What work is being done. “You have to create spaces to talk to directors and understand their positions Altman They were very different from who they were directory I was ready to accept. „It happens in all companies, but you have to know how to close those gaps”Roncagliolo suggests.

On Microsoft’s side, Zoya saves two lessons. First, the company is committed I.A (via another agency, OpenAI), which is what this industry is ultimately about. That means you are investing a lot of money with uncertain results. “Everyone wants to take advantage of these technologies Because they are useful, but they are still not stable, and that means danger”He points out.

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Second, although the technology company does not have a vote directoryIt has a position of authority because it controls the hardware it uses OpenAI And take care of the skills needed. According to Zoya, these are two of the three keys needed to compete in the field. Another is the abundance of data for training models.

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Persia now believes it Altman It needs to demonstrate greater and faster visionary capacity to maintain its leadership. Roncagliolo notes that companies have cycles and that there comes a period in their life „The founder will no longer help you get to the next level” Your view is not essential.

However, according to some, the debate continues at the beginning of this war in the direction of the entity that can control humanity: does speed guarantee safety? No one knows what will happen. Nothing ChatGPT.

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CEO of the Year

Sam Altman Recognized as CEO of 2023 by Time Magazine „The public face and leading prophet of the technological revolution”Especially in the field intelligence Artificial. Time describes it „A superstar founder with an impeccable track record”.

as ChatGPTsays that „The fastest adopted technology product in history”. „The impact of the chatbot and its successor GPT-4 was transformative for the company and the world”He assures.

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Altman She was also nominated for Person of the Year in the same publication, but the title went to American singer Taylor Swift for pushing boundaries and being an inspiration.

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