San Agustin is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for rapid retinal examinations

The North John Health Management Area has incorporated six new precision retinographs at San Agustin de Linares Hospital and Primary Care Centers.

The teams, which have been allocated more than 127,000 euros, are „capable of quickly examining the retina with confocal technology, focusing light where it belongs and eliminating scattering.” Also, „They provide image quality and achieve a true range of colors, facilitating efficient examination with minimal patient discomfort.”

This was indicated by Elena González, Regional Representative of Health and Consumer Affairs, her management team and Belen Martinez, Manager of the Northern Health Management Area, who visited Linares Hospital.

These are high precision devices capable of capturing an image of the eye in true color. They are robotic, so focusing and capturing are fully automated, allowing a high-resolution image of the fundus to be obtained with maximum definition.

In this sense, the representative „can be operated even by an expert who is just starting to use the fully automatic mode, because the alignment, focus, shooting and movement between the right and left eyes is done automatically” .

Another advantage of this equipment, González points out, is that „they can take high-quality images even when the patient's pupils are particularly narrow.” Thus, they manage to accurately photograph the pupil up to 3.3 millimeters, which, without a doubt, helps in the examination for a correct diagnosis.

The regional representative assessed that the implementation of these devices „reinforces the commitment of the Andalusian health service to the implementation of multidisciplinary teams and activities”.

„For example, the action plan of the comprehensive diabetes program contemplates the taking of images at the primary care nurse consultation, the interpretation by the family doctor and their referral to the ophthalmologist in the hospital if they occur. Pathological findings,” he commented.

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In this regard, this collaboration is part of a strategic line for SAS: a commitment to comprehensive and efficient healthcare, considering it a priority, facilitating screening coverage and immediate follow-up of retinal lesions in diabetic patients. By periodically examining the fundus of the eye at least every three years.

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