New Zealand has overtaken Bali as Australia’s most popular international destination

By Ashley Nickell for Daily Mail Australia

09:26 16 December 2023, Updated 09:27 16 December 2023

New Zealand has overtaken Bali as the top international holiday destination for Australian travellers, according to a new survey.

75 per cent of Australians plan to take a holiday this summer, according to data released this week by the Tourism and Transport Forum Australia.

Of those, 14 per cent will go overseas, up from 6.5 per cent last year, with one in five going to New Zealand.

Europe was the second most popular destination, followed by Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

Indonesia, particularly Bali, hosts thousands of Australians each year, but was found to be the seventh most popular international destination among the 2,000 participants.

New Zealand (above) has taken the title of Australia’s favorite international destination, according to a new survey by the Tourism and Transport Forum of Australia.
Bali (above) was demoted to the seventh most popular destination for Australian tourists

The most popular overseas destinations for Aussies this summer

1. New Zealand

2. Europe

3. Japan

4. Thailand

5. Singapore

6. Malaysia

7. Indonesia, USA, Canada, China, Vietnam

Source: Tourism and Transport Forum Australia

Indonesia is joined by USA, Canada, China and Vietnam.

Interstate travel is also on the rise, with 26 percent planning to visit another state this summer, compared to 18 percent last year.

A third of Australians prefer to stay closer to home by holidaying in their home state.

TTF Australia chief executive Margy Osmond praised Australians for saving up for well-earned trips amid the cost-of-living crisis and rising interest rates.

More than half of respondents said the rising cost of living has affected their vacation plans.

„Australians ranked travel and holidays as the number one non-essential expenditure, showing how important it is to enjoy a trip with friends or family,” Ms Osmond said.

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The Gold Coast was ranked as the best domestic holiday destination for Aussies.

The shocking drop in Bali’s popularity comes just months after the Indonesian government announced a crackdown on misbehaving tourists.

The new regulations include a special tourism 'task force’, an official list of tourist dos and don’ts and a hotline for visitors to report violations of the rules.

Europe was the second most popular destination for Australians on overseas holidays (pictured, Paris).
Japan (above), Thailand and Singapore round out the top five overseas holiday destinations for Aussies.

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