Will we one day see wearable invasive technology? It won’t exist because there are no new initiatives

Walking down the street, no matter which street, you will always come across people with cell phones in their hands. If you approach a crowded area, such as an urban area where tourists travel a lot, you’ll find them taking dozens of photos.

Big Brother, the technology that watches over us all day, is now in our hands, on our cell phones. You could be walking quietly down a street and your face ends up in a random person’s photo album.

But now we have a new generation of products that try to be more visible by storing what we say or see throughout the day.

Rewind petitioner It’s a pendant, a microphone that records audio throughout the day and, through its use of artificial intelligence, gives you a summary of the most important things.

These are just a few examples Rewind uses to illustrate this always-on microphone.

  • Forgot what your partner told you to buy at the supermarket?
  • Are you in a conference all day and want to share summaries with your colleagues?
  • Be present in your daily life and mark moments for the future.
  • Automatically create to-do lists every time you make a verbal commitment to someone else to do something.
  • Do you have an interesting idea while you’re walking or driving and want to remember it for later? Speak for yourself.
  • What do you do when your voice is so excited? When are you most angry? What are the most common filler words?
  • Capture the wonderful things your little ones say and then play them back and remember them.
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Humanity It’s about to introduce a product that you put on your chest that, with a camera, recognizes everything you put in front of it and gives you details related to you. For example, you put a bar of chocolate in front of you and it tells you whether it’s desirable or not, as they’ve shown, depending on your health. TED talk on his demo.

It’s part of a new trend of wearable technology with eyes and ears 24/7.

Some startups prefer to have microphones on 24/7. George Orwell would never have imagined such a situation even in his wildest dreams.

Actually this is not a new idea, it is not even novel. As with many ideas that don’t succeed, the problem isn’t the technology, it’s the timing of the launch.

We have to remember that in 2016 the glasses with the popular Snapchat camera on social networks and the glasses ended up in the drawer in a few weeks. Even Meta copied the design in collaboration with Ray-Ban on their Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer.

None of these glasses with cameras work or work for Meta. But I hope you see the direction we’re going.

Many people said years ago that they don’t want cell phones. And then the same people who rejected social networks because of data. But they (we) use mobile phones and social networks every day and use personal data management beyond comprehension.

I’m not saying we’ll wear it like this someday, but don’t put your hand in the fire.

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