The Polestar 4 will feature new assisted driving technology

Polestar has increased its autonomous driving capabilities by introducing new technologies thanks to agreements with Luminar and Mobileye.

He Pole Star 4 This is the model that promises to have An interesting driver support technology. But now, the company has announced that it will improve that technology by incorporating more safety features while driving. To do this, it will have the collaboration of Luminar and Mobileye. First A leader in automotive technology And the second responsibility Provide solutions for autonomous driving.

With the technology offered by these two companies, Polestar 4’s autonomous driving capabilities will be enhanced. That technology is incorporated into the model Next generation LiDARIt will be added to the Mobileye platform, Heat. In fact, this product model will be the first to feature this platform with LiDAR.

It joins the system supervisionIt already equips the model and is there A round camera Monitor all activities around the vehicle. With this equipment, the brand wants The Polestar 4 is capable of autonomous driving on the highway And in other kinds of ways.

The Chauffer platform will allow the Polestar 4 Luminar’s front-facing LiDAR and Mobileye’s radar, is also placed at the front of the vehicle. All the information received by these sensors is processed by four Mobileye EyeQ6 processors, which are responsible for executing the maneuvers necessary to get around without the need for driver intervention.

This new generation of LiDAR Uses a high detection limit, allowing you to do your work more effectively. Three companies A strengthened alliance has thus been formed To achieve more efficient results and to work together to increase the safety of the vehicles in which they are installed.

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