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This holiday season, ALLPOWERS, the market leader in portable power solutions, has announced a special sale that will be of great interest to both tech enthusiasts and general users. The promotion also includes portable power stations and flexible solar panels, offering a significant discount of up to €1,800.

Here we tell you the details.

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ALLPOWERS sales includes several models of portable power stations, each designed for different needs and applications.

R2500 Portable Home Backup Power Station (2500W 2016Wh)

  • Sale price: €1,199.00 (regular price €1,999.00, saving €800.00).
  • With substantial capacity and power output, ideal for home power backup. The device has a capacity of 2016Wh and a 2500W pure sine wave inverter (4000W peak). With a maximum of 1000W solar charge in 2 hours, you can charge in 5 different ways including AC, solar and more. It offers 15ms uninterrupted UPS operation for home backup, and its long-lasting LiFeP04 battery supports more than 3,500 charge cycles. AC output can reach a maximum of 4000W with parallel connection (12kW peak) and is expandable up to 20kWh with the B3000 expansion battery.

S300 Portable Power Station (300W 288Wh)

  • Sale price: €169.00 (regular price €199.00, saving €30.00).
  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for outdoor activities and small power requirements. The device offers a 300W pure sine wave inverter with 500W peak power and a 288Wh/78000mAh battery. It can be recharged in four ways (AC/USB-C/Solar/Car/AC+Solar) and is controlled by the ALLPOWERS app. Supports 100W maximum solar input with MPPT technology. Its dimensions are 20.6×16.5x11cm and its weight is 3986g. It is portable, charges quickly and is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option.
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R600 Portable Power Station (600W 299Wh LiFeP04 Battery)

  • Sale price: €209.00 (regular price €319.00, saving €110.00).
  • Versatile and portable, with a long-lasting LiFeP04 battery. The device offers a 600W (1200W peak) pure sine wave inverter with a capacity of 299Wh and a maximum 400W fast charge. It uses a LiFePO4 battery that has over 3500 life cycles up to 80% of its capacity. It has 8 outlets to charge multiple devices simultaneously and can be controlled and monitored via the ALLPOWERS app. It supports a maximum solar input of 200W and stands out for its portability, fast charging, safety, reliability and profitability. Additionally, it offers UPS support.

S2000 Portable Power Station (2000W 1500Wh)

  • Sale price: €839.00 (regular price €1,199.00, saving €360.00).
  • Powerful and reliable for the most demanding applications. It is an advanced portable power station with 1,500Wh and 405,405mAh capacity. It has a 2000W pure sine wave inverter (with 4,000W peaks) and can fully recharge in 1.6 hours using AC and solar inputs. Its battery provides more than 2,500 useful life cycles at up to 80% of its capacity. It is capable of powering 99% of household appliances and supports a maximum solar input of 500W. In addition, it is an environmental, gas-free and cost-effective solution.

S2000 Pro Portable Power Station (2400W 1500Wh)

  • Sale price: €909.00 (regular price €1,299.00, saving €390.00).
  • Advanced option with high output capacity for extreme power needs. The device has a capacity of 1,500Wh and 405,405mAh, and is a 2400W pure sine wave inverter (4,000W peak). It can be fully recharged in 1.5 hours using AC and solar inputs. Its battery provides more than 2,500 life cycles up to 80% of its original capacity. It works as a UPS with 30A RV output, maximum 650W MPPT solar input and six protections. Additionally, it is eco-friendly, gas-free and cost-effective.
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SF200 Flexible Solar Panel 200W

  • Sale price: €239.00 (regular price €299.00, saving €60.00).
  • ALLPOWERS’s SF200 flexible solar panel has a high conversion efficiency (23%-25%) using monocrystalline solar cells and a honeycomb-shaped ETFE surface to capture sunlight from different angles. Lightweight, highly flexible and waterproof (IP68), it is compatible with most solar generators thanks to its MC4 connectors. With a maximum power of 200W and minimal power losses, it’s perfect for RVs, rooftops, boats, cabins, and more.

R4000 Portable Power Station 4000W 3600Wh

  • Sale price: €2,999.00 (regular price €3,599.00, saving €600.00).
  • This portable power device has 3600Wh capacity and 3600W/4000W pure sine wave output, 6000W peak. It incorporates a durable LiFePO4 battery with over 3,500 life cycles, and stands out for its fast charging capability, reaching 100% in one hour. Additionally, it offers voice control, smart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions, and touch screen functionality. It is compatible with solar panels, works as an eco-friendly and quiet solution, suitable for electrical insulation and outdoor applications.

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The mentioned offers are available till 25th December.

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