10 Best International Airports in Africa in 2023

In the regional rankings, four airports in South Africa make the list, while others come from Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda and Mauritius.

Below are the 10 best international airports in Africa in 2023:

Cape Town International Airport is one of Africa’s premier international airports. Modern infrastructure, eco-friendly practices and commitment to passenger comfort contribute to its appreciation. It offers an affluent crowd, serving 4.13 passengers per 10 square meters daily.

Located in Durban, South Africa, King Shaka International Airport is one of the best international airports in Africa. With a gross floor area of ​​102,000 m2 (1,100,000 sq ft), the terminal has a capacity to handle 7.5 million passengers per year.

It serves as the primary airport for domestic and international travel to South Africa and as of 2020, it is Africa’s fifth busiest airport, with a capacity to handle 28 million passengers annually.

About 7.6 million passengers passed through the airport in 2022, making it the busiest airport in Morocco and among the top 10 busiest airports in Africa. The airport serves as a hub for Royal Air Maroc, Royal Air Maroc Express and Air Arabia Maroc.

The airport was formerly known as Pleasance Airport and has direct flights to many destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. Its strategic location and commitment to passenger satisfaction contribute to its status as one of the best international airports in Africa, marking the gateway to a heavenly destination.

It is an international facility that receives many European flights, flights from Casablanca, some Arab world countries and, from 2024, flights from North America. The airport terminals (1 and 2) are 22,000 m2 (236,806 sq ft) and designed to handle 2,500,000 passengers per year.

The airport was formerly known as Haile Selassie I International Airport. It is also the main hub for Ethiopian Airlines, the national airline serving Ethiopia and destinations throughout the African continent, as well as non-stop service to Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Kigali International Airport, formerly known as Grégoire Kaibanda International Airport, is the primary airport serving Kigali. It is of regional importance as it serves cities in Congo, Burundi and Uganda. Its terminal building has the capacity to handle 1.5 million passengers per year.

Nairobi International Airport not only proudly serves the city of Nairobi but also serves as a connecting point to many East African destinations. Today, the airport has quadrupled its capacity to accommodate 26.5 million passengers annually.

Formerly known as Bloemfontein International Airport, the airport was renamed in December 2012 by President Jacob Zuma. At the heart of the region’s economy, Braum Fischer International Airport serves more than 300 000 passengers and 17 world-class airports. 000 air traffic movements per year.

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