Shielding Aguscalientes: More police and technology

„Aguascalientes Shield”, the security and justice project of the State Public Security Secretariat, stands out for promoting the integration of police elements and improving conditions, according to Jazmín Chantes Ventura, responsible for crime prevention programs.

The model, unique in the country, emphasizes strengthening the police force, including the purchase of 100 new patrol cars by 2023 and the addition of 200 more cars for surveillance by 2024. Also, under the direction of Public Security Secretary Manuel Alonso García, police expansion was promoted last year with the addition of 200 cadets to the task force.

The State Police has been recognized as the second most reliable nationally by INEGI, while C5i is the leader in technological innovation and emergency protocols according to the National Association of Emergency Numbers in Latin America. Cyber ​​Police also stand out as the number one in responding to cyber incidents.

The project includes the creation of two security gates at the entrances of the state, particularly in the municipalities of Calvillo and Asiantos, with the aim of strengthening the confidence of citizens to deter the infiltration of criminal groups and detect stolen vehicles.

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