Agriculture buys new technology to promote modernization of marine resource management – community

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has purchased new technical equipment to enhance the modernization of the control and monitoring of the fisheries interest network managed by the Directorate General of Fisheries.

In particular, the equipment received includes a radio link, eight remotely operated aquatic vehicles and two drones, funded for 173,960.32 euros from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Fund of the European Union (PRDR).

Aerial drones have significant autonomy and sufficient power to perform surveillance functions required by the marine reserve network, as they are equipped with camera and video systems with night recording mode and allow obtaining very clear images.

Agriculture noted that these additions will help complement the existing arrangement in various services. They will facilitate fisheries control and monitoring activities carried out in these protected areas along with marine resources and propagation as one of the basic pillars of the marine reserve system.

Additionally, they have a lower environmental impact due to reducing the use of fossil fuels used in land and sea transportation.

These new technologies fully comply with the European funds’ new directive to 'do no significant harm’ without harming the environment.

The Spanish Marine Reserve Network consists of 12 sites covering an area of ​​105,243 hectares. Of these, 10,162 hectares correspond to integrated areas reserved for the exclusive use of scientific works.

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