Technology and prison complicity

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As the years go by, Dominican society becomes ignorant, complicit and hostile to the minority, thinking and predicting changes in the country in the short, medium and long term; However, it seems that there is no hope, because every day new products are presented, which are typical of an anti-democratic system, that is, the government in power does crazy things without different results.

Radical, Empire Law and order From inmate policies and regulatory frameworks in the nation's prisons, corruption between inmates and administrators of said facilities is protected under covert regimes, where privileges prevail through complicity, impunity for repeat offenders of murders, drug trafficking, and other major crimes.

Recent findings at La Victoria Prison, where an average of twelve (12) Starlin brand satellite internet paraphernalia and six repeaters were seized to commit fraud and other electronic crimes, is an indication that the country's administration is in serious trouble. There is no doctor to deal with this disease called „prison corruption”.

This fact, described as „embarrassing” by Dr. Jorge Subero Issa, a former president of the Supreme Court, is apparently lagging behind because the media is so politicized that they set aside other cases that require more attention and cannot go. Not noticed.

Technology and complicity have always prevailed in Dominican prisons, which means that administrators of said facilities are allowed excessive use of cell phones and other electronic devices that privilege inmates, despite the fact that all are “one person guilty” by law. Committing a crime should be exempt from benefits.

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Some inmates have security rounds, some facilities have cell phones, internet, televisions, and even extravagant celebrations, including visits by couples that last for days, as an example of insanity. Support of top military officers who take bribes from murderers and drug traffickers.

Isn't that corrupt? Are these soldiers being investigated? What role does the Attorney General's Office play in dealing with this appalling discovery? Why Install Power Stations in Cells? Why should criminals be allowed to use cell phones in prisons?

„There is no way to save water without a gate to shut off the flow”. Dominican prisons must be equipped with the highest technology, not to facilitate inmates committing wrongdoing, but to regulate, monitor and fully monitor their day and night behaviors; Also, find out the complicity between the corrupt and the corrupt.

President Louis Abinader should take „Upper arm and handle too”As countries such as El Salvador and Ecuador try to rebuild themselves by putting the demands of their citizens above political and opportunistic interests, an uprooted reality becomes a spearhead in the face.

„There is more value in the desire to improve than to be alien to the values ​​that fight for the progress and development of a country.”. Technology is a necessity; However, this is not the case at all levels of the Dominican state, sometimes due to lack of resources and other times lack of facility to allow early opportunism to become obsolete.

In these modern times, it is imperative that prisons adopt modern systems and use technology that includes surveillance equipment, biometric identification, access control, intrusion detection networks, remote monitoring and communication. Why? These technologies help prevent escapes, control inmate behavior, and detect suspicious activity.

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