Reasons to Invest in Technology to Digitize Your Business

Digitizing your business involves migrating from physical to digital media, which can even be combined with digital transformation.

Do you have a company? No matter how small it is, the investment should be considered Digitize your business.

95 percent Companies in Mexico are created Micro, small and medium. Many of them, with Digitization to be more profitable and competitive is a big challenge.

A MSME, by digitizing, they increase their profits by 21 percent; A situation that translates into higher profits and profits.

The Digital transformation It had been progressing gradually over the years, but the Covid-9 pandemic accelerated that process.

Digitize your business This includes migration from physical to digital media, which can even be linked to digital transformation.

However, there are still organizations today that resist change and the potential this environment offers.

Invest Digitize your businessIt is not limited to purchasing technical support such as sales terminals, equipment and software to enable inventory.

It represents a profound change A company's structure and culture; In addition to the development of a strategy that can change the business model, the products and services offered or even the channels used.

A company's digitization process includes: TechnologyBut Members; This will allow you to be more competitive with other companies operating in your industry.

In addition, you will be able to expand your business and strengthen the bond with your customers. Digitization can save you time and errors, which ultimately translates into money for the company.

Where to start digitizing your business?

  • Analyze which areas of your SME can be digitized.
  • Choose the right tool to digitize your business.
  • Assess how much resources you can devote to digitization.
  • Learn to evaluate the profitability of each digitization.
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Calculate your SME budget

  • Determine your business budget (Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Investment Costs)
  • Calculate the specific costs of digitization of your SME (hardware, software, cloud services, web design and development services, etc.).

What should you add to your company's digitization?

  • Business Management Software.
  • Marketing automation tools.
  • Internal process automation tools.

Ideas on how you can invest in technology to digitize your business

More and more people are searching for a product or service on the Internet.

Digitized inventory control will allow your business to know which products are in stock, which are best-selling products and in which seasons, which move less or are in storage for longer periods of time.

It will help you monitor, control, profit and make decisions about each project.

It totally depends on the line of business, however, there are many areas that can be worked this way or in a flexible schedule model.

How much should I invest in digitizing my company?

The investment you make should be aligned with the cost of the company and the experience you want your users to have.

When taking the step and investing in tools, always think about choosing a provider, and the tools they offer are comprehensive and intuitive.

Digitizing a small or medium business is usually a big investment It can produce great results in the long run, but it's important to decide how much money you can invest before you start.

You need to know your customers, then outline your objectives and decide which digitization tools are most suitable for your business.

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Benefits of digitizing your business:

  • Stay close to your customers
  • Build loyalty with your customers
  • Solve your needs in less time
  • Make the job easier
  • Reduce costs
  • Expand your horizons
  • To improve performance
  • Increase the productivity of your workers

Where to look for resources?

It is the platform of the Ministry of Economy, which makes resources available for strengthening micro, small and medium enterprises and for better participation in the domestic market and foreign trade.

on stage Business tools, valuable content, events and programs are offered with an aim to develop and strengthen the skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs and MSMEs both in business and digital.


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