Technology allows you to view prenatal ultrasounds with virtual reality

  • By 2023, global virtual reality (VR) revenue will exceed $16 billion, according to Statista.

  • By the end of 2022, there will only be 34.7 million virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets installed worldwide.

  • Video games are the domain Software And other virtual and augmented reality technologies will be developed by 2025.

The relationship between Technology And medicine is constantly evolving. With each advancement, medical care has improved significantly, and Ultrasounds Antecedent They are no exception, and technological advances have impacted prenatal care, providing a deeper understanding of fetal development.

Today, Virtual Reality (VR) is not limited to providing immersive experiences in the entertainment industry; It has crossed its borders and made significant inroads into the field of medicine. This paradigm shift is driven by the transformative potential of VR to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient experience in various medical fields, including obstetrics.

VR’s ability to create three-dimensional simulated environments has proven invaluable in visualizing complex medical data, such as prenatal ultrasounds, because by immersing themselves in a virtual world, medical professionals and parents cannot personally explore fetal development. Before being able to through traditional methods.

According to data from StatesmanIn 2023, virtual reality (VR) revenue worldwide was more than $16 billion, and this number is expected to increase gradually by 2030 and sevenfold in the next five years, making the role of this tool clear today.

Technology lets you watch prenatal ultrasounds with virtual reality

Beginning of Catalan Vrain has taken a revolutionary step by developing technology that allows visualization of prenatal ultrasounds through virtual reality. This innovation offers the opportunity to monitor unborn children in a clearer, more in-depth and expansive way.

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As reported in a recent report, the Generalitat’s Economic Department has supported the project with a grant of 133,240 euros. In its initial phase, the project is expected to be implemented in gynecological centers, giving specialists the ability to visualize fetuses before birth. However, in a second phase, the technology will be used for the training of future surgeons and also for clinical diagnosis, improving the detection of possible changes during pregnancy. This advance promises to change the way prenatal ultrasounds are communicated, opening up new possibilities in clinical and academic settings.

In addition, newly developed technology elevates the quality of ultrasound viewing by transforming it into multidimensional experiences powered by the 5G network. Artificial intelligence is expected to be integrated soon, taking this innovation to an even more advanced and complete level.

He Software The program not only makes it easy to view ultrasound images in a multidimensional format, but also allows you to enjoy these images directly on the mobile phone screen by downloading a special application. In addition, for full immersion, virtual reality glasses can be used, which helps to observe the child with exceptional quality thanks to the 5G connection.

The company plans to have a prototype device in place by the first quarter of 2024, with the aim of giving resident doctors a chance to familiarize themselves with the anatomy before participating in surgical simulations. This approach seeks to replace actual patient practice, which is a common practice today.

Likewise, the company expects to receive United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification by 2025. This will pave the way for implementation of this technology in healthcare of the country.

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