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A report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) confirms that nearly 23% of jobs in the world will undergo changes and 69 million new jobs will be created in 45 economies. The WEF report attributed these movements in the labor market to various factors Advances in technology and Birth of ChatGPT. Another reason for this change in the world of work is the appearance of tools that use machine learning systems, for example, to create songs, put together presentations or design scripts and images.

The thing is Artificial intelligence is changing jobs very quickly Specialist occupations and talent with highly specific skills are already in demand. Among them are „instant engineers”.

Few people know what instant engineers do, however, it is a profession that is increasingly in demand by companies from all over the world. He is an expert in language and communication who understands artificial intelligence (AI) and knows how it is designed.

Why is this task so important? Because generative AI models use natural language to get directions These sought-after skills provide application-specific instruction Generational artificial intelligence like Dalle-E or MidJourney or ChatGPT. Hence, machines provide accurate and useful results when they are queried.

In order for these tools to be successful in their work, it is necessary to carefully craft threads. This way, Algorithms work with quality and provide desired answers. The job of these engineers is to explore the various architectures of the AI ​​model and analyze the results to provide the most suitable algorithms.

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Immediate Engineers: What is required at this position?

US startup Anthropic, founded by former OpenAI members, posted a search for a „fastest engineer” a few months ago. As advertised, I will pay for the position. Salary range between US$280,000 and US$335,000 per year.

With the advent of ChatGPT and other AIs, other professions such as Prompt Engineers emerged.

In the ad, the company asked that the candidate be an excellent communicator, among other skills Teaching technical concepts and producing high-quality documents To help others. Also, I was looking for someone who is motivated to talk to customers and help them solve their problems. Regarding the person’s profile, Anthropys noted that they are creative, like solving puzzles, and have at least basic programming skills with the ability to write small Python programs.

At the same time, this San Francisco company wants candidates for this position to be „with an entrepreneurial spirit, happy to build teams from the ground up, and passionate about making powerful technology safe and socially beneficial.”

Finally, it asked candidates for this position to think about the risks and benefits of new technologies.

This can be seen globally The market for demand engineers is growing. There are already many sites dedicated specifically to this profession. Among them is Promptbase, a platform that allows you to hire engineers instantly and, at the same time, helps you sell these talent requests.

Currently on LinkedIn These engineers had 925 new orders in the US and 235 in Argentina.

Another clear indicator of increasing demand for these skills is the number of courses offered. New institutes and workshops that train these professionals are added daily, many of which are completely free.

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We have over 200 immediate vacancies in Argentina

We have over 200 immediate vacancies in Argentina

Prompt Engineering has more than 200 vacancies in Argentina. Annual salary is about $300,000.

Where to Study for Free to Become an Instant Engineer?

Googling will bring up many options that promise to train real experts in the field. Some cost a few dollars, but There are completely free options and tutorials. We choose one of the latter OpenIA is the developer of ChatGPT. In the ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers course, the institute ensures that the student learns to use the LLM language model to quickly build new and powerful applications.

As the course description makes clear, with the OpenAI API, stakeholders can quickly build capabilities that will allow them to learn to innovate and create value in ways that were previously prohibitive, highly technical, or simply impossible based on costs.

Additional news that may interest you:

This short tutorial is presented by Isa Fulford (OpenAI) and Andrew Ng (DeepLearning.AI), who will explain how LLMs work, provide best practices for rapid engineering, and show how LLM APIs can be used in applications for various applications. , which includes: Summarize, infer, replace and expand text. Additionally, you’ll learn two key principles for writing effective triggers, how to consistently design good triggers, and how to build a custom chatbot.

An interesting point is that this course is suitable for beginners. Only a basic understanding of Python is required, but – as they make clear on the OpenIA website – it’s suitable for advanced machine learning engineers who want to use rapid engineering and LLM.

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Of course, those interested should register quickly, as the company warns that it’s free „for a limited time.”

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