Tech in Chile: Four Best Paying Positions

Although there are universities, institutes and training centers in our country, there is a gap between what is taught in the field of IT and what the labor market requires, as rapid technological changes generally exceed the training capacity provided in the field.

This situation allows certain positions to exist, and in some cases, substantial salaries can be achieved. According to an analysis, Experis, a brand of Chile's Manpower GroupFour stages generally performed in this field stand out: Cloud Architect (with reference salaries between $4,300,000 and $4,500,000); Architect of solutions ($4.000.000 – $4.200.000); Data scientist ($3.000.000 – $3.200.000) Y Cyber ​​Security Specialist ($3.500.000 – $3.800.000).

„According to our analysis of the IT sector in general, these are rare profiles in Chile, as in the rest of the world. With the progress of the digital transformation and the growing dependence on technology in all industries, the demand for highly qualified profiles continues to grow. He points Mathilde Cordier-HüniManager of Xpress Chile.

The executive also explains that the rapid evolution of technology means that professionals are always in high demand With the most up-to-date skills in areas like AI, Gen AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Big Data etc.

„This demand for skills often outstrips the supply because the time required to acquire the necessary and advanced skills is considerable.” Adds the expert.

Mathilde Cordier-Hüni, manager of Xpress Chile

These specific positions require certain technical skills., advanced programming in common languages ​​(Java, Python, .NET, etc.); Database knowledge (SQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.); Knowledge in computer architecture (system design principles, software architecture, design patterns and integration technologies) and solid experience and strong knowledge in emerging technologies (AI, machine learning, cloud, augmented reality, automation, etc.).

At the same time, Mathilde Cordier-Hüni confirms what

„Soft skills are more important than ever in the labor market,” among them effective communication, a strong ability for teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, adaptation and continuous learning, and in some cases leadership and project management..

„The latter is increasingly important in the field of IT, taking into account the strong growth of the sector and these are professional challenges that increasingly point to topics related to critical thinking, effective communication and more” concludes Cartier-Huni.

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