Taylor Swift's Eras Tour crowd shook like an earthquake. These 5 songs rocked the SoFi Stadium.

Taylor Swift It's known to have an energetic fan base, but how much energy can 70,000 Swifties generate? A team of scientists in California may have an answer based on the earthquake-like signals from her Los Angeles Eras Tour concert at Sophie Stadium on August 5, 2023.

After Swift's concerts at Seattle's Lumen Field After the seismic activity in July, a California Institute of Technology research team sought to better understand what causes „concert tremors.” Team SoFi recorded vibrations from motion sensors set up near and inside the stadium and regional seismic network stations and was able to detect 43 of the 45 songs Swift performed during her concert.

By calculating the energy released during each song at a Los Angeles concert, Caltech researchers could interpret each as the local magnitude of an earthquake that would have released the same energy. Research paperPublished March 13 in Seismic Research Letters.

With these calculations, the study found the most dynamic signals during these songs:

  • „Shake It Off” with a local magnitude of 0.851
  • „You Belong With Me” with a local volume of 0.849
  • „Love Story” with a local scale of 0.800
  • A „horrible summer” with a local magnitude of 0.741
  • „22” with a local magnitude of 0.645

The energy released during each tremor lasts a few minutes rather than a second during an earthquake, explained Gabriel Deb, a staff seismologist at the Caltech Seismic Laboratory who oversaw the study. „So the magnitude calculated from the maximum amplitude of the vibrations is very low (about -2),” he told CBS News.

The researchers determined that crowd movement was the primary source of concert tremor signals, not the speaker system and instruments.

They also analyzed three other concerts at SoFi in the summer of 2023: Morgan Wallen, Metallica and Beyoncé.

„Overall, the results from these concerts support the results from Swift's concerts and the audience-source hypothesis,” the research paper states. „The (local volume) of songs was in the same range as Swift's concerts, though none matched or exceeded the strong Swift signal.”

Swift's Eras Tour has broken many records More than $1 billion, according to Pollstar. Swift is currently on a short hiatus from performing, and will resume the tour in Paris on May 9 after the release of her eleventh studio album. Department of Tortured PoetsOn April 19.

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