50 cents can’t believe today’s ice cream truck price

inflammation It’s left holes in everyone’s pockets, and even rich multi-millionaires like 50 Cent are feeling the effects.

50 went to buy a treat from a local ice cream truck in his neighborhood, and he couldn’t believe the prices of some desserts in today’s society.

“I jumped out and went to an ice cream truck today and saw this WTF ! It can’t be right what happened to $1.25,” he wrote.

The G-Unit mogul posted a photo of the truck’s menu, which features various character ice cream treats like Spider-Man and SpongeBob, as well as strawberry shortcakes and delicious ice pops ranging from $4 to $5.

„I remember when they were 50 percent,” one fan joked in his comments section, while another offered a solution. „You can buy the whole box at the store.”


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Others blamed Rick Rose’s diet, while some pointed to the economy’s supposed slump under President Joe Biden’s administration.

It’s unclear if 50 Cent ended up buying an ice cream, or if the little „Candy Shop” rapper bailed on the transaction regardless.

In 2022, 50 yearned to hear the jingle of an ice cream truck in his Queens neighborhood, but how terrible it felt when he had no money to buy anything.

„I’ll never forget the excitement of having an ice cream truck growing up, but poor s-t when there’s no money,” he wrote to X alongside a photo of Mr. Softee’s truck.

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