Taylor Swift tickets are expensive, but fans stick with her

  • In Mexico, tickets for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour ranged from 1,656 to 16,350 pesos. Some have even added a VIP package.
  • In addition to the music, the Swifties enjoy the technological advancements the singer uses in her performance.
  • On the other hand, Swift achieves a connection with everyone present, which makes them feel special.
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The scramble for tickets to Taylor Swift’s latest tour has even caused a stir in Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman. intervened.

Tickets for the concerts of the eras tour, which runs until November 2024, are undoubtedly expensive. Also, its sales have been a mess.

On the day tickets went on sale in the US, Ticketmaster’s website went down. The company prepared for 1.5 million fans, only to find that 15 million had logged on.

However, „Swifties” – as the singer’s fans call themselves – were ready to endure a process. Complicated.

Prices for tickets vary depending on how close to the stage fans want to be and which VIP add-ons they accept. For example, tickets to the singer’s four shows at Foro Sol in CDMX 1,656 out of 16,350 paise.

Krugman argued that, relatively speaking, the programs were good value. For the money, fans get access not only to Taylor Swift’s live performances, but also to the technological effects that are an integral part of arena concerts in the 21st century.

One can imagine the Swifties, some of whom spent days online (and a fair amount of money) trying to get tickets, getting their argument with a sigh. However, he does have a point.

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Any ticket to The Eras Tour gives its owner access to not only their favorite artist, but one of the most technologically advanced shows in recent times.

Large-scale shows like The Era’s Tour don’t usually feature in academic discussions of popular music. Fortunately, this is changing. There are educators like me is under study Development of live music in Great Britain and America.

Studies examined specific types of performance (in stadiums and festivals); Analyzed specific genres (metal, glam rock, etc.) K-pop, etc.); and individual artists (Lady Gaga et al Prince)

So far, however, we have not considered these performances as theater, but as events that connect artists and audiences, even in the largest venues.

The most successful shows in the arenas

Since the 1970s, successful bands and artists have found a variety of unique ways to create shows that can fill large venues.

The Eras Tour is part of an all-star line-up that also includes the Growing Lotus Ensemble D The Rolling Stones (1975-1976), the wall From Pink Floyd (1980); Various MTV-influenced compositions of the 1980s were designed Prince, Madonna Y Michael Jackson; Zoo TV D U2; And the likes of contemporary big-show ensembles La Gra after hours till dawn of The Week starting in 2022.

The technology used in these concerts has two purposes. First, it ensures that the artist can be heard and seen even in wide spaces.

Second, it turns space into a stage that reflects the public’s perception of the artist: his music, his public persona, his story. Visitors use these ingredients to feed their entertainment.

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In Taylor Swift’s case, that change is reflected in the name of the tour. The technology used in the Eras project allows the artist and their audience to effectively travel through time.

The show is organized around each of the artist’s 10 albums. As you move from one to the next, the setting changes: white frames and primary colors for songs Lover of the eraSnakes for tracks fameRed dress and stage lights RedA cabin backdrop Folklore.

The audience is part of the show. LED wristwatches, guided by radio signals, illuminate the crowd in dramatically sequenced colors.

IMAG (Image Magnification) screens Carefully placed images of Taylor Swift’s looks and her music.

The catwalk and two secondary stages (commonly referred to as B-stages) are digital screens. At one point, the artist seems to sink into the stage. His digital likeness swims across the catwalk and reappears in the main section as the song begins. Lavender Haze.

The technology provides all the performance needed to hold the audience’s attention as the three hours pass through the life of Taylor Swift.

However, it also offers something else. Something unexpected.

ZUMA Press / Alamy

As Taylor Swift begins the second verse of „Anti-Hero,” her figure in the rough T-shirt and jeans she wears in the music video grows to gigantic proportions on the giant screen at the back of the main stage.

He steps cautiously over small buildings, shoves aside intruding helicopters, and looks directly at the audience, a close-up of his face.

The song documents the singer’s insecurities. Her face, enlarged, has a haunted expression, and she seems uncertain as her eyes scan the crowd. This moment of vulnerability and intimacy echoes other moments where the spotlight isolates the singer, the camera abandons her with apparent glee or interacts with the crowd.

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At concerts like these, technology pays off, filling the space and compressing it, creating a spectacular and unique experience. Stadiums and arenas are designed for function rather than aesthetics. They are not places close to each other.

For Taylor Swift, her fans will be fighting for tickets, providing scholarships for technologies, and turning them into places where she and the Swifties can come together and celebrate the history they share together.

This article was originally published English.

* The Conversation is an independent, not-for-profit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.

* David Patty is Associate Professor of Drama, University of Birmingham Associate Professor of Drama, University of Birmingham

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