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The origin of mattresses is prehistoric, when People used materials like straw, wool, tree leaves to generate heat And tent for a better rest. The evolution of this material found its maximum expression in spring mattresses, which are widely used today.

however, Spring mattresses are not the only ones on the market. They are also made of wool, foam, memory foam, feathers, air, plant material, water, latex etc. A huge variety to suit every person’s culture, comfort type and budget.

Innovations in sleep technology today include: Applications that measure the quality of rest by layout, height and size From fountains to materials that collect the body’s electrical charge or fabrics that include aromatherapy with essences associated with relaxation.

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At the 2023 Bogotá Home Fair, various brands presented the latest mattresses under the promise of the best rest in mattresses. These are some of them.

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’App’ that measures sleep

In Colombia, it became the first institution to offer Americana de Colcones A mattress that connects with you through an app that provides information about your rest. It’s Blue Tech technology that provides data on sleep quality. „The app tells you how many hours and minutes you slept, how many movements you made, how many times you woke up during the night, and to identify deficiencies in rest and take steps to improve them,” explains Alejandro Buitrago, the brand’s head of business.

The mattress is connected to a light source and powers a small device embedded inside it and sends data via Bluetooth to the app. It throws Percentage of sleep quality after measuring REM dreams (rapid eye movement sleep), microdreams, movements, among other statistics. Blue Tech measures the sleep conditions of two beds and is capable of integrating history and sending daily results to generate sleep statistics.

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Likewise, Americana made this technology available to purchasing customers An expert sleep doctor for advice related to the data provided by the app.

On the other hand, the company offers Its stores have an additional service that includes technology capable of measuring the mattress needed by each individual It is discharged part by part depending on your body and weight. „It measures your weight and your body shape to find the mattress that works best for you. The customer can go to any outlet, take a test and get back the doctor-approved calculations. With this feedback, the customer is recommended the mattress they need,” says Buitrago.

Special screens

Colchones ElDorado recently launched its model Intense is designed with fabric that reduces static energy in the body. “During sleep, this mattress has the ability to release all the magnetic charge we collect during the day and carry to bed. This release helps to regulate sleep hormones and help you stay in the right conditions for sleeping, which helps you sleep more happily,” commented Andres Alvarez, the brand’s marketing director.

There are some within the structure of the mattress Copper wires are responsible for collecting that energy. The technology of this note promises to reduce the production of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) and increase the production of melatonin (sleep hormone).

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ElDorado offers two mattress options with innovations for a restful night’s sleep. One is the Sieben7Tech mattress, which implements a system of independent shock absorbers. As its name suggests, The mattress has seven zones for each part of the body„It requires different resistance from shock absorbers because of its weight and structure,” Alvarez says.

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Shock absorbers are strategically located Head and neck, cervix, back, hips, thighs, calves and feet. „It adapts the mattress internally to the person, and the person doesn’t adapt to it.”

Finally, there’s Tencel technology A naturally derived fabric from eucalyptus, which has antibacterial properties. Suitable for sensitive skin, regulates body temperature and absorbs moisture.

Additionally, this mattress has 1,500 springs that are small and embedded in the fabric. „These springs ensure durability by further reducing motion transfer.”

Finally, the company has released a line of scented pillows with natural essences like lavender to help you sleep.

through layers

Chatter mattresses, marketed in Colombia by Aristas, were supplied Aero Gel Flex technology consists of four layers. LThe first is the springs (body curves) distributed in five relief zones, the second is the high-density foam that guarantees firmness and ergonomics, the third is the Gelflex matrix that regulates the temperature and humidity of the mattress, and the last is the fabric that provides softness.

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On the other hand, there is Air comfort, which consists of five layers. LAn added feature is the mini pocket springs, another layer of small springs embedded in the fabric that improves internal air circulation.

„These systems help make the mattress more breathable and hygienic, providing the same comfort,” they say from Aristas.

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