Best stock: Argentina showcases its stellar technology at Agritechnica – ExpoAgro 2024

This Tuesday the Argentina Pavilion opened with a record presence of 27 national machinery, agricultural components, software and companies companies.

Agritechnica is the organization of choice to showcase the heritage and innovation of Argentine agricultural machinery for the international market. Agritechnica, as a strategic partner of Expoagro, together with the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (AAICI), promotes the participation of businessmen and representatives of different companies in the leading agricultural machinery fair, which will take place until November 18 in Hannover, Germany.

Argentine Ambassador to Germany Fernando Brun attended and took the oath; Delfo Buchaillot, Undersecretary of Agriculture of the nation’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; Mite Fernandez Garcia, Consul General in Hamburg; Carlos Braga from the CAFMA Foreign Trade Commission; Andrés Superpi of the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency; Laura Deuro, National Director of Export Promotion – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship; DLG members; Members of EIMA; Alberto Marina and Eugenio Schlossberg for Exponentiator; Institutions and companies, and agricultural journalists, among others.

From left to right: Alberto Marina (Exponenciar); Fernando Brun (Ambassador of Argentina); Crucianelli; DLG Directors; Eugenio Schlossberg (Exponenciar) and Andrés Superbi from AAICI.

Made in Argentina

Companies from Santa Fe, Córdoba, Buenos Aires and CABA traveled to the world to showcase and present their best technology in the fields of machinery, agricultural parts and software.

At the Argentina Pavilion, 350 m2 space, participating with Acrobit, Acroparts Plate, Apache, Aravant, PK Parts, Buco, Cestari, Crucianelli, Exponentier, Franco Fabrill, Juri Sembradores, Minero, OMBU, Plaster, Bearstandy, Ritchie, Worksundi, Rossmet, Sohipren, Superwalter, Vesta Scales and Argentech Group (Cordoban Agricultural Machinery Export Group, Abelardo Cuffia, Ascanelli, Bti Agri, Ingersoll, Mainero, Metalfor, Pauny, Sohipren and Tbeh).

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In terms of institutions, there are AAPRESID, CAFMA, INTA and the country’s Secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries.

It should be noted that there are five companies that exhibit machines: Cestari, 24,000 liter capacity axle with S6 hopper with built-in braking system; Crucianelli with plant seed; Minero, 9-foot-long bags with a dry grain packer with a capacity of 350 to 400 tons per hour; Piersanti 30 ft cutting width with Draper DF 2000 and Richie.

Regarding the Argentine presence, from Expogro, they noted: „We support the development of Argentine machinery and technology, promoting its presence at international exhibitions. Participation in Agritecnica not only increases the visibility of Argentine technology, but also offers unique opportunities to establish business links, attract investors and collaborate with strategic partners.. These events are showcases that allow the world to showcase the characteristics and innovations of Argentine agribusiness.”.

The challenge is to strengthen the brand of the country

In music, the Argentine ambassador to Germany, Fernando Brun, analyzed: „Both Expogro in San Nicolas and Agritecnica in Hannover are privileged to share the dynamism of Argentine agribusiness, With each new edition, we carry in our DNA the challenge of enhancing the visibility of a sector of our land that makes it a country brand.Setting – Pardon the Redundancy – International standards based on innovations in agricultural technology applied to the sustainability of agriculture”.

In the same vein, he noted: „We share the central objective of positioning Argentine producers in international markets.Building a policy aimed at sustainably promoting exports and making this brand a country brand, thereby strengthening the presence of Argentine agricultural machinery in international markets.”.

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Acrinova launch

Carlos Braga, from the CAFMA Foreign Trade Commission

This Tuesday, the Agritechnica system was selected Offer AGRINOVA sector brand It aims to strengthen the foreign trade of companies in the sector. „This will link us to the internationalization strategy of agricultural machinery. The idea is to make this known to the world and plan future activities under this brand.Carlos Braga of the CAFMA Foreign Trade Commission disclosed this.

In addition to this launch, the main reasons for CAFMA’s presence are to accompany participating Chamber members inside and outside the Argentina Pavilion and to be part of this pavilion, which is a great example of public-private solidarity. „Basically, show us to the world. Among the meetings we have planned, we will be participating in the Agriculture Year End Meeting hereBraga added.

Argentina Agtech potential

For three years, Argentina has maintained a bilateral dialogue with Germany regarding Octec. Commenting on the relationship, Andres Mendes, director of innovation at the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, said:We take the title Actech in a way, talking about dynamic and collaborative ecosystems, we don’t believe that an agtech is going to change the world of agriculture, rather a group of Agtechs can innovate. Based on that we created more than 10 ecosystems”.

Andrés Mendes, director of innovation at the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Referring to Argentina’s window at the German exhibition, he asserted: „Argentina needs to show what it can contribute, which is the systems. For example, direct seeding method With machines, precision agriculture, technology, Argentina is always something to contribute, but not only with isolated machines but until everything is used as a working system.”.

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In this respect, it is noteworthy that an agtech company with a long history in the field like Auravant is participating in Agritechnica for the first time.

Our mission is to promote the site and build relationships with companies in the industry. We believe there is a great opportunity to grow in Germany and the rest of Europe Argentina is at the forefront of technology adoption and development in digital agricultureAugustin Michlik, Head of Product at Auravant said.

They also show new sustainability functions, which allow measuring the environmental impact generated by agricultural practices. „We plan an agenda of meetings with all types of clients and companies Who we collaborate withMichlik concluded.

The megafair takes place in Hanover until November 18 and features 2,700 exhibitors from 53 countries spread over 390,000 m2 (24 pavilions). It should be noted that in this version, the main topic was Green productivity. „In the future, it is important to increase productivity with less use and intensity of agricultural inputs while protecting the environment and nature.” said the organizers.


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