2 people who returned from Cambodia were arrested in Japan


Tokyo, Aug. 16 (GG Press) – Japanese police on Wednesday arrested two people who returned from Cambodia on suspicion of being involved in a special fraud case.

Shigeru Sato, 55, and Hiroki Ito, 48, are believed to belong to a special fraud group based in Cambodia, where they were detained.

The plane carrying the two suspects arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport early Wednesday morning. The two were arrested on board the plane after it entered Japanese airspace around 3:40 a.m.

The Saga Prefectural Police, who arrested the two, plan to transfer them to the southwestern Japanese prefecture in the afternoon for questioning.

According to investigative sources, Sato and Ito are suspected of conspiring to embezzle money by making fraudulent calls to a person in Saga Prefecture.

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