Looking for a job? These are the most in-demand tech jobs in Colombia

Each new year marks the emergence New job opportunities To the extent that organizations seek to respond to new needs created by innovation and advancements in technical and technological matters, in order not to be left behind. Professionals Specialized Specific areas to use them.

He Department of TechnologyIn this case, there will be a large share in 2024, from areas like Cyber ​​Development, Full Layer Cyber ​​Security and Data Sciencewill play an important role in this New Year.

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Additionally, they are easily adaptable jobs I work from homeA method that continues to gain importance even after Infection by covid-1.



Guided by a progressive vision, we want to encourage and foster the professional development of our talents through specialized education and development programs. Beyond providing employment opportunities, we pride ourselves on promoting a sustainable working environment. We strongly believe that remote work adapts to the changing needs of the modern professional and plays an active role in reducing environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint.„, in the States Diego Campoa, Chief Technology Officer at software consultancy Mismo.

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As such, these are the most in-demand jobs in the country this New Year.

– Desarrollo full deck: This detailed life covers both the user interface (front-end) and its business logic (back-end).

– DevOps Engineering: This professional plays a key role in effective coordination and collaboration between development and operations teams within a technology organization. Its main objective is to facilitate continuous software delivery by automating processes, implementing agile development practices and ensuring operational consistency.

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This specialist works on developing and maintaining releases, automating tests and deployments, managing infrastructure code, and continuously monitoring system performance and availability.

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– Data Science: Data scientists use their skills in mathematics and analytics to extract insights from large amounts of data, providing insights for decision making.

– Cyber ​​security: In an increasingly interconnected digital world, cyber security professionals play an important role in protecting computers and data against malicious threats and attacks.

– Mobile Application Development: Mobile application developers focus on developing applications for handheld devices, taking advantage of the growing demand for solutions accessible from smartphones and tablets.


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