Huska integrates technology so that blind people can get around the city better

Huesca City Council will establish a system to improve communication in public spaces Especially for use by visually impaired people. It is the Navilens signaling system that allows users to use specific codes with their mobile phone by scanning with a camera.

The system is structured So the user doesn't need to know exactly where they are placed or focus precisely, and they interact very easily. with their surroundings in places like bus stops and public buildings. It was requested by the Sectoral Council for Participation and Personal Autonomy and the council said its aim was to „make Houska a more intelligent and inclusive city”.

Navilens makes it possible for users to solve their difficulties in using traditional signs that prevent them from being autonomous in unknown environments. Bookmark reading is almost instant, Read the labels in tens of meters, It does not require focus (essential for people with visual impairments) and detects labels while walking. It works like a QR code to get location data and information about buildings, monuments, services provided, routes etc.

The first application of Navilens in the Sports Palace will be financed with 15,000 euros from European funds, but the local government wants to expand it to other parts of the city.

Marta Escortin, president of the Council on Participation and Personal Autonomy, reported on the matter at a session of the Participation Forum this week. The Social Action Councilor provided data on the projects being implemented this year Improving access and removing architectural barriers.

Urban Planning Technical Services is preparing a plan to improve accessibility on Valencia Street. The entire street will be tendered, with its zebra crossings and access gaps. Last year, tenders for several de-blocking works were abandoned in different parts of the city. To prevent the same thing from happening, the game will be dedicated to a complete street, making it more advantageous for businesses to attend.

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The councilor pointed out that a study has been done on removing barriers in municipal buildings and making the area accessible. The stage of the Assembly Hall of the Manuel Benito Cultural Center. Also, ways to improve access to the town hall are being sought.

The installation of magnetic circuits for the hearing impaired will continue this year as well. Soon, it will reach the city council's social services headquarters. It already exists in other municipal buildingsSuch as the Matadero Manuel Benito Moliner Cultural Center, the Santiago Escortín Civic Center or the Town Hall.

We are going to be more ambitious than ever In working with organizations with disabilities,” Marta Escortin said. „We will work extensively with proposals and projects through European funds, which will be used for the necessary investments for the disabled,” he added.

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