Taylor Swift and 'The Eras Tour’: What Technology She’s Using in Her Over Three-Hour Show

Taylor Swift brings 'The Eras Tour’ to the big screen. (YouTube: Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift ’ was a worldwide success of the acclaimed concert seriesEras Tour’, where he reflects on his entire career’s successes in one show. The American singer is known for thinking through every second of her show so that the participants live for nearly four hours in a world created exclusively for them. swifities.

Each „Era” or an artist’s era represents a moment in his discography. Each of these moments is therefore characterized by a color, which differs from the bracelets worn by the concert participants. For example, with ’Enchanted’, the enclosure is painted purple.

The stage is also part of the dance Taylor And her dancers, it plays a fundamental role in her stage, and rain is not a problem for the artist because she implements military technology that allows her to continue for hours.

The technology of 'The Eras Tour’ is:

when Taylor Swift He lands in Boston in mid-2023 and the weather doesn’t seem to favor him as it is raining heavily. Her hair, completely stuck to her face, is an example of the amount of water falling from the sky.

The technology to keep the concert going despite the rain was tested by the fighters. (YouTube: Melika Jamshidabadi)

At this point, the question arose as to how he could carry on as if nothing had happened, without knowing the inclement weather on the microphones. The resulting band Burning redInquiry can give a definitive answer.

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“A friend of ours has been working for years Shure Systems, creating the microphone setup that Taylor uses on tour. When I asked him about it, he told me that he was able to get in touch with his engineering team and confirm everything with them: Taylor uses Shure’s Axient Digital Wireless System – a sound system without wiring,” the band said on TikTok.

„This and other Shure wireless systems are tested under military requirements: drops, extreme heat, extreme cold, human sweat, humidity and salt among other conditions. Rain was the least of our worries, which is why the show was able to go on. „Most dynamic microphones can be submerged in a bucket of water, and you Shaking them will still work,” they added.

The visual effect of the floor when tailoring ’SoftThe glass of the platform seems to shatter with every step he takes.

During the performance of 'Delicate’, the floor seems to break. (YouTube: Melika Jamshidabadi)

That show Taylor Swift The awards concert is recognized as one of the most memorable in history. In this collection, a collection covering 100 meters will be displayed, where each piece serves a different purpose and represents a different phase of the artist’s life.

The production combines several platforms arranged at different heights, some of which rise above 10 meters.

The presentation is created Three scenes Mainstream freelancers are united by an elaborate catwalk that seeks greater intimacy with the audience. The main stage stands out with its high-definition curved widescreen screen. The aforementioned walkway equipped with LED lights transforms into a rhomboidal platform in one section, adding dynamism and versatility to the stage set-up.

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Usually made of plastic, these bracelets may appear to be simple devices that only contain LED lights and a button battery for operation. However, the Xylopods And similar products have additional components that allow them to synchronize with each other.

Its function goes beyond simple functionality by communicating with the battery, which involves a very complex process that facilitates the integration of lights between multiple bracelets at events or shows.

According to the song, the bangle is painted in a certain color. (YouTube: tasselamor)

If the bracelet is limited to feeding one person sequence, it can only emit a fixed light or a predefined sequence at best. However, to achieve synchronization with the music or other elements of the show, these bracelets incorporate a radio frequency or infrared receiver.

This receiver receives signals from a transmitter Usually controlled by event organizers, allowing precise coordination of lighting between all wrists in the audience.

According to a report by Rolling Stone magazine in 2018, those responsible for Taylor Swift’s concerts activated screens at the entrance to the arena showing the artist’s rehearsals. These screens also recorded visitors, allowing faces to be compared against a database of previously identified harassers.

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