Norwegians know how Chilean salmon farming technologies work

Photo: Loretto Appel, Salmonexport.

Yesterday, representatives of Universidad de la Frontera’s IncubatecUfro, PTECAO/Consorcio SpA Technology Projects for Marine Aquaculture and PTEC-Inva Vegetable Inputs for Fish Nutrition of Corfo visited the Huelmo Agricultural Center of Mowi, a salmon farming company. ., ProChile and industrial suppliers, Salmonexpert was invited to this activity on the occasion of a visit to the Los Lagos region of Pilar Neves, Innovation Norway project manager.

The site, which consists of two blocks of 6 40×40 cages, has just completed a sanitary break and started planting recently, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about the agricultural center, the technology used and the production programs. In total, one million fish weighing 150 grams will be stocked. Roughly, it will be harvested between September and October 2024.

The visit of Innovation Norway was organized by Incubatec Ufro, which strengthened cooperation ties during the AquaNor 2019 exhibition, an event where representatives of Chilean companies were invited to visit Ocean Farm 1, the world’s largest pontoon. Located in Salmar. In Trondheim.

Pilar Neves told Salmonexpert that the main purpose of the visit to Puerto Montt was to get to know Norwegian companies related to salmon farming operating in Chile and „to learn about their needs so that we can help them. Chile is developing well in salmon farming. And how Norwegian companies can contribute to this development.” On the other hand, we will learn about the experiences of Chilean companies that will attend the AquaNor 2023 exhibition next August, and use these events to strengthen relations between Chile and Norway based on salmon farming, a very relevant sector for both countries” .

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According to the Innovation Norway executive, the visit to the Movi Center was very gratifying. „I was able to appreciate all the technology used, the size of the center, the care they take in the fish and their food and how the collaborators go about their work. It is very positive to have officers who have been working at the center for more than 30 years”.

Innovation Norway is an agency of the Norwegian government that supports Norwegian companies that need to expand their business in Chile and other countries.

„In this case, we are a bridge between Norway and Chile, helping companies get to know each other and develop. B2B meetings Y Maneuvering. Therefore, if a Norwegian company has solutions that can be developed for the Chilean market, we can provide support for making connections. On Tuesday, from the Norwegian embassy in Chile, a report on the aquaculture market in the country was released for Norwegian companies due to high interest. In addition, we will be with Chilean companies at AquaNor, and next year we will be with the Norwegian pavilion at AquaSur, and we are in the process of inviting Norwegian companies”, explained Pilar Neves.

Photo: Loretto Appel, Salmonexport.

Chilean companies

For his part, Mario Núñez, Los Lagos regional coordinator of IncubatecUfro, the business promoter of the Universidad de la Frontera, Innovation Norway, Partner Incubatec has facilitated the participation of a group of entrepreneurial companies. Initial Companies in AquaNor 2023 “The purpose of this visit to both the Movi Center and the Aqua Group facilities and learning about Chilean innovations such as the Salmo Clinic is to show the company what is being done in Chilean salmon farming. For AquaNor, we will be with local supplier companies that have funded some Corfo projects, learn about technology from the Norwegian industry, apply it here in the future, and develop business contacts. ”.

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Meanwhile, for Ricardo Arriagada, regional director of ProChile, it is always a good experience to show what the region and the country are doing for salmon farming. „Creating networks is positive in both senses. We win with innovations developed in Norway and allow us to improve Chilean production, and Norway may be surprised by new innovations in Chile, which apply to salmon farming industries in Norway and the world. .

Innovation Norway’s visit concludes today with a formal meeting with a delegation of industrial suppliers participating in a technology tour to AquaNor in August 2023 in Trondheim.

„We have created a technology tour based on the request of the supplier companies and their interests, mostly technological innovations. At the exhibition, we will also participate in a workshop carried out by ProChile, which will soon open its invitations, ending with a visit to Bergen’s seafood innovation cluster”, explained Núñez.

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