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The advanced hematology system allows laboratories to process up to 119 blood count results per hour

By the LabMedica Editorial Board in Spanish
Updated on 18 August 2023

Complete blood counts (CBCs) are frequently ordered in health care to diagnose a variety of disorders such as infections, anemia, diseases of the immune system, and blood cancers. Now, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of an advanced hematology system paves the way for US laboratories to perform CBC as efficiently as possible.

Abbott (Lake Forest, IL, USA) has received US FDA clearance for its state-of-the-art Alinity H-Series hematology system. The system is seamlessly integrated with Alinity’s established laboratory systems in the US, enhancing the capabilities of these laboratories. As a result, hospitals can more easily perform CBCs, one of the most requested tests by patients. The Alinity h-series system offers many advantages to laboratories, including the ability to process up to 119 blood count results per hour, the fastest available resources and operations on the market.

Image: FDA approves Alinity H-Series lab kits that enable advanced testing of patients’ blood counts (Photo courtesy of Abbott)

The Alinity h-series consists of the Alinity hq, an automated blood analyzer, and the Alinity hs, an integrated slide and stainer. A key feature of Alinity hq is its innovative MAPS™ technology, which uses light scattering to better identify different blood cells by distinguishing cellular features. With the Alinity H-Series, Abbott now offers one of the most comprehensive laboratory diagnostic systems, offering a wide range of tests for timely and efficient patient care. Laboratories and hospitals across the United States will find it easy to integrate the Alinity H-Series hematology system into their core operations with minimal effort and training for their staff. This easy integration is important for laboratories facing time and resource constraints. In the US, the Alinity portfolio now includes the Alinity h-series (hematology), Alinity ci (clinical chemistry and immunoassay), Alinity m (molecular), Alinity s (transfusion) and Alinity i-STAT point-of-care.

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„America’s health care systems have experienced significant resource constraints and rapidly changing dynamics since the pandemic,” said Louis Morone, executive vice president of Abbott’s core diagnostics business. „The Alinity H-Series system, like Alinity’s entire suite of products, is designed to transform the way laboratories perform tests so they can focus on their most important mission: delivering patient care.”

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