Sustainable Mobility: Randon Solar Technology Begins Field Trials

Randon completes another phase in the development process of innovative and exclusive Randon Solar technology. The company undertook technical delivery of the refrigerator model for the field trial phase with a partner client. At this stage, the engineering and research teams are trying to monitor the behavior of the product in real use on the roads of the south and southeast of Brazil.

Over a period of 4 months, the vehicle will be monitored to collect data. Transportes Tozo, based in the city of Chapeco in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, serving important customers in the food and beverage industry, is a partner at this point, delivered by distributor Randon Campaci.

Randon Solar, a unique product concept in Latin America, converts the energy of the sun's rays through highly efficient, ultra-thin, flexible panels that are resistant to climate variations, installed on the top of a semi-trailer. The energy generated is used to power the hybrid refrigeration unit, significantly reducing diesel consumption during operation.

The technology is equipped with a unique power management mechanism that requires no operator intervention to keep the system running. All data such as system status and PV generation efficiency can be accessed through the mobile app or through the interface available on the product itself. With a complete system installed power can reach up to 15 kW, with potential to produce up to 11,500 kW per year.

The benefits of using Randon Solar include a significant improvement in driver ergonomics due to noise reduction and significant savings of up to 1,800 liters of diesel per year, which contributes to environmental sustainability, reducing 6 tons of carbon dioxide. Released annually in the atmosphere. Product autonomy is about 22 hours for refrigerated loads and 5 hours for frozen loads.

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„The experience of integrating the required technical parameters is one more step on the path of technological evolution, which is widely tested in the controlled environments of our engineering laboratories. We strongly believe in the potential of this unique technology, which allows for a more stable, safe and quiet operation. Randon Solar, with technologies associated with this objective, for sustainability It proves once again that we deliver on our commitment.«, highlights Sandro Trent, COO of Randon.

The concept product was developed in collaboration with the Hercilio Randon Institute (IHR) and the Randon Technology Center (CTR). The Randon Solar technology is fully compatible with the integrated intelligent applications of the Randon Smart solution and the e-Sys electric auxiliary traction system.

About Randon

The history of the expansion of freight transport is directly linked to the evolution of Randon, by creating innovative solutions for the segment. Randon – one of the Randoncorp companies – is the largest semi-trailer manufacturer in Latin America and one of the largest in the world, an internationally recognized market player.

Over 75 years, more than 500,000 pieces of road equipment have been manufactured, including semi-trailers, trailers and bodies, bulk carrier, dump truck, tanker, van, cider, refrigerator, cane carrier, forestry, silo, general cargo, dry cargo, among others. Randon also operates a rail car division.

There are six industrial units in Brazil: Caxias do Sul-RS (headquarters), Araraquara-SP, Chapecó-SC, Erechim-RS (through the Randon Triel-HT joint venture), Messias-AL (dedicated to overproduction and assembly. chassis bodies) and A set of over-chassis bodies in Ballinia-sp. It has a distribution center in Linhares-ES and two manufacturing units abroad in Argentina and the United States.

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