Xinhua Photo Daily | April 20, 2024 – Xinhua

BEIJING, April 20 (Xinhua) — A selection of the best press photos from Xinhua.

This undated photo taken by Shenzhou-17 crew member Tang Shengjie from China's space station shows a view of space. (Xinhua)
A China-Europe freight train leaves Minhang Station in Shanghai, east China, April 19, 2024. A freight train loaded with 110 standard containers departed from Minhang station in Shanghai on Friday. The city will launch a China-Europe freight train service in September 2021. (Xinhua)
Jury members of the 14th Tiantan Awards attend the opening ceremony of the 14th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) on April 18, 2024 in Beijing, capital of China. The 14th BJIFF kicked off in the Chinese capital on Thursday, welcoming filmmakers from home and abroad. Discuss film development and promote cultural exchanges within the industry.
A total of 1,509 films from 118 countries and regions applied for this year's competition, with 15 films selected to compete for the Danton Award. (Xinhua/Chen Zhonggao)
Tourists visit an exhibition hall on intangible cultural heritage along the Grand Canal of China in Kangzhou, north China's Hebei province, on April 19, 2024. The Grand Canal of China, a vast waterway connecting the northern and southern regions of China, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Site in 2014. The exhibition hall in Gangzhou showcases the intangible cultural heritage of the 8 provinces and municipalities along the canal. (Xinhua/Yang Xiao)
Aerial drone photo taken on April 18, 2024 shows the Lami River Bridge on the Guangxi-Pingdong Expressway under construction in southwest China's Guizhou Province. Designed for a speed of 100 km/h, the total length of Guiyang-Pingdong Expressway in Guizhou is 174.018 km. (Xinhua/Tao Liang)
People watch as a painting robot writes „Welcome to taste tea” in Chinese at the 16th Beijing International Tea and Tea Festival Exhibition on April 19, 2024 in Beijing, capital of China. The 16th Beijing International Tea and Tea Festival Exhibition is held. National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing from April 19 to 22. Covering an area of ​​around 24,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted 700 exhibitors. (Xinhua/Kai Yang)
Farmers work in a wheat field in Chixiu District, Anshun City, southwest China's Guizhou Province, on April 19, 2024. Friday is the Qiu or Grain Rain, which marks the start of the rainy season, the sixth of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. , favorable time for planting and growth of crops. (Photo by Chen Xi/Xinhua)
This photo taken on April 15, 2024 shows the terminal of Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran, Iran. Iran has grounded flights and activated its air defense system in several cities, several media outlets reported on Friday, citing Iran's official news agency IRNA. (Xinhua/Shadati)
People dance during the UN Chinese Language Day celebration in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on April 18, 2024. The United Nations family in Ethiopia celebrated the UN Chinese Language Day on Thursday with the aim of promoting Chinese language and culture, calling for linguistic and cultural diversity. (Xinhua/Michael Develde)
US Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Robert Wood (L, front) votes against a draft resolution to the 193-member UN General Assembly recommending „the admission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations.” New York, on April 18, 2024. The United States on Thursday voted against a Palestinian bid for full UN membership in the Security Council. (Xinhua/Xie E)

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