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How To Take Advantage Of Gift Giving Discounts On Father’s Day 2023

He Father’s Day It’s Sunday June 18 in Argentina. It is a special date on which many people want to entertain their loved ones. In this case, many are pending to cope with the price hike Offers and Promotions So you can get the most out of your money.

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clothing or electronics, different banks, virtual wallets, market And benefit cards were launched Discounts to promote sales.

There are many promotions for Father's Day

There are many promotions for Father’s Day

Although most businesses and financial institutions offer Discounts Below is a select list of some of their clients Advertisements can be used to do Father’s Day Shopping:

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  • National Bank: 30 percent from June 10 to 18 Discount and up to six Interest free payment At affiliated stores and select malls. He Withdrawal cap This applies to purchases over $4000 and paid with Visa and MasterCard credit cards; and Debit, Mastercard Debit and Maestro Debit Rest. Plus, it can be paired with MODO for an extra 20 percent off.

  • Banking Province: There is 30 percent Discount and up to four Interest free payment On Saturday, June 17, make payments with this bank-issued credit card at participating businesses including apparel, sports houses, perfumes, pharmacies and textbook stores. Benefit is limited to $5,000 per transaction.

  • Provincial Procurement: Provides 24 Interest free payment Toys, Fashion, Sports, Footwear, Health and Beauty, all month long. It also provides 9 Interest free payment In Electro, Technology, Home and Deco.

  • City Bank: Provides 20 percent Discount per customer at linked online stores till June 18. He Upper withdrawal It’s 2000 pesos and you need to pay with credit and debit cards from Banco Ciudad through the MODO app or the Ciudad mobile app.

  • Way: From June 9 to 18, the Virtual wallet Banks offer up to 20 percent I will reinstall With credit, debit and prepaid cards at affiliated online stores. The limit is $2,000 per bank and the benefit is cumulative among others Promotions.

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  • Club The Nation: Offers up to 35 percent off Discount Associated fashion, technology and wine stores, among others.

  • Orange X: Provides 25 percent Discount And three Interest free payment In clothes from attached premises, without Withdrawal cap, through June 18. In addition, six offers until June 30 Interest free payment For national tickets of Aerolineas Argentinas. There are 10 more Interest free payment Without interest in linked perfumes and 12 electro.

  • Free Market: 20 to 40 percent Discount Cell phones, sports, tools, shoes, perfumes, fashion and accessories. Some of these Advertisements are connected with Interest free payment Santander, Macro and Patagonia Banks. According to him gift exam, you can apply a Bonus Coupon 15 percent discount. Also, some products have free shipping.

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