Suchana's neighbor is shocked after being accused of killing her son

Susana Seth appeared to us as a normal, sensitive and strong mother, say her neighbors who regularly interacted with her during her stay at Unishare Terrace Apartments in Thanisandra, Bengaluru. Seth, the CEO of an artificial intelligence startup, has been making headlines recently for allegedly killing his four-year-old son in Goa. Marital discord and a bitter custody battle drive her to commit this shocking murder in the worst possible way.

In exclusive conversations with this reporter, on condition of complete anonymity, Seth's neighbors describe her as a typical, feisty, modern woman who stands up for her rights when necessary. In fact most of them said they could not believe it when they first heard the news that he had been accused of killing his only son.

A resident told this reporter, “I have spoken to Susana twice and even her son, but nothing unusual has appeared to them. Her son was quiet and not as playful as his age, but maybe that was his nature. She added, “Suchana was a hardworking and at the same time a single mother who was completely devoted to her son. However, she had a bad mood.

Another resident told this reporter, „Seth was active and vocal in Unishire Terrazza, she was social and friendly with her fellow residents and didn't hesitate to voice her opinions and demands. She and her son moved out of their 3 BHK flat in Unishire Terrazza in May 2023. Some in this regard There were unpleasant exchanges, but before that she was on good terms with her neighbours,” he added.

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Another resident who was familiar with Susana and her son told this reporter, “Whenever there was a problem with the maintenance of the apartment, Susana was one of the first to report it, especially to the Unishire Terrace Residents Group, and she always struggled. The amenities she deserves as a resident, especially those to do with her son's safety.

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