Terranova: Shaping the future of water in Spain with advanced technology and sustainable commitment

Last September 2023, for three days, the Spain Smart Water Summit took place, the first day of which was dedicated to the innovation and smart management of water networks, a round table sponsored by Terranova. In an age of advanced technology, innovative solutions are changing the way we monitor, control and optimize water supply. Franco Carbonara Adami, Chief Commercial Officer, Terranova; It outlined the company's essence based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, digitization and sustainability. „Our mission is to invest in research and training to guide our clients in the digital transformation process through innovative solutions that exceed market standards, thereby creating value and sustainability,” he said.

It outlines a continuous commitment to innovation through its innovation center and dedicated product managers supported by a network of ten strategic partnerships. Franco Carbonara shared the company's digitization process led by Adami Terranova, providing solutions with concrete and measurable results. „Our software is flexible, modular and tailored to any market need,” he said. Regarding its presence in Spain since 2018, it has built solid relationships and significant collaborations, ensuring its business model is compatible with the Spanish market.

Federico Hugo Benedini, Spain area manager at Terranova, highlighting the company's exclusive orientation to applications and its firm belief in „the utility of data.” He mentioned the TAMM diagnostic platform capable of managing various digital water samples. Benedini shared success stories in Spain and internationally, underlining the importance of data integrity.

Finally, Elena Bricka, Smart Network Area Product Manager de Terranova, Y Giorgio Subiaco, Solutions Specialist de Terranova, Presented case studies of smart measurement performed with TAMM. Dedicated to the public services of water, gas and electricity, this digital processing platform has proven its effectiveness in various models of meters and concentrators, with notable cases such as Aqua in Italy, covering 222,000 water supply points. Terranova continues to lead innovation in water management, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and excellence.

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