Spotter and high technology used for security and remote monitoring

Virtual doorman and security monitoring in real-time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, state-of-the-art technology in person detection: Spotter is a company that aims to use artificial intelligence designed for the convenience of its customers. For safety.

Since its launch in 2019, Spotter has shown steady growth, integrating itself into the goalkeeping, security and video surveillance markets. Currently, “renowned architects and important real estate developers trust us from the very beginning of the work; We carry out projects from scratch, installing electromagnetic locks, electronic keys and video intercoms, as well as the entire security system related to our spotter service,” pointed out Alvaro Misa, managing partner with Alejandro. Deal., from the company.

With better technology.

Spotter’s client portfolio includes more than 270 buildings, four logistics centers, six factories, three private neighborhoods, a bank and two schools.

In virtual destination, which works like traditional destination, but remotely – means to reduce common costs -, specific services: remote destination service; A mobile application for owners’ smartphones; Warning and Closure; Creating an approved list; Opening and closing doors; sending notices; We offer mail tracking and building cleaning services.

In terms of security monitoring, which reduces operating costs, the following stand out: cameras on the outer perimeter; Cameras work with artificial intelligence, high-powered loudspeakers; 24/7 active monitoring and video surveillance; direct communication; warning call; contact 911 if necessary; privacy; sending notices; Reduces false alarms caused by animals and plants to zero; and supplemented by CCTV.

Pay attention to even the smallest details.

The company’s premise is aimed at customer satisfaction in service and response. „We have invested a lot in technology, personnel, training, of course they are the fundamental pillars of our company, but quality service and customer service is the difference that customers see and feel in our daily work in security and goalkeeping. ,” Misa emphasized.

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Spotter provides services to buildings, industrial plants, distribution centers, private neighborhoods, schools, financial institutions, etc. that require high security through technology and quality door service without sacrificing comfort and well-being.

Law app spotter

That way, Spotter created its own application for total management of access controls. For example, if a visitor enters an apartment number, a video call will be made to the home owner, who can answer, view and unlock from anywhere in the world.

Likewise, the Spotter app has an SOS panic button for emergency situations; Customers will receive packages, deliveries, open and close garages and use the assisted arrival service, which will guarantee safe entry into the property from a spotter monitoring centre.

This results in the economic sector.

Customers from the app can enter the property with facial recognition, create permanent authenticated users for entry, or one-time, facial recognition and QR code. Customers with amenities, tennis courts, barbecue grills can also manage reservations through the app.

„Of course, our monitoring center manages access control, coordinates maintenance services, opens and closes garages, leads to suppliers, registers authorized persons, provides access to residents and any authorized person, otherwise the company would not grant it. Obtaining the relevant authorization; but beyond this our customers’ daily We understand that the Spotter app is an additional tool for life satisfaction,” clarified Misa.

In terms of security, Spotter uses advanced technology in intrusion detection, filtering events by people and vehicles only, thus rejecting false alarms. By using a paging system through loudspeakers, attempts at intrusion or suspicious activity begin to be thwarted and answering mobile phones are sent to the property.

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„We understand that the security and goalkeeping market is shifting, technology today has taken giant steps in that direction, and we are undoubtedly within our reach; we have an R&D department with two engineers who are constantly researching new technologies, improving existing ones, creating systems, a technology Combined with the other, they make every day better and turn it into customer service.” Massa concluded.

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