In Basto they will strengthen safety for taxi drivers: they will implement technology to warn of risks

The mayor's office has indicated that it strives for the well-being of taxi drivers who provide their services to the community. Photo: Basto Mayor's Office

From the mayor's office, they indicated that they will strive for the well-being of taxi drivers who provide their services to the community of Basto.

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To establish joint security strategies, representatives of various taxi companies in the city met with President Nicolas Toro and addressed issues related to criminal activities reported by transporters.

According to Transportation Secretary Juan Manuel Escobar, support and security networks will be established in collaboration with the Pasto Metropolitan Police.

They pointed out that the aim is to guarantee the well-being of taxi drivers.

In addition, active action by citizens and transporters is expected to report any dangerous situation related to taxi drivers, the official said.

„During the taxi companies' presentations, it was clear that there is a risk to the safety of transporters. We hope to hold more meetings where we address the issues of restrictions and informality,” the secretary opined.

Alberto Lombana, spokesman for the taxi drivers' association, highlighted the desire of the mayor's office of Basto for this dialogue meeting with companies operating in the city.

Similarly, the transporter said it hopes to implement technology in taxis that will notify them of any dangerous situations in the vehicles.

„We must recognize that robberies have decreased in recent months, but we must not be careless. We want safe and quiet places in taxis,” said Alberto Lombana.

Finally, the municipal administration reaffirmed its commitment to work for the well-being of taxi drivers who provide their service to the community.

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