CNN reporter Sarah Sydner was blasted live by angry Palestinians in the West Bank: 'F*** CNN

Jen Smith, Chief Correspondent of

15:14 20 October 2023, Updated 15:27 20 October 2023

  • Sidner and his crew were attacked by Palestinian protesters in the West Bank on Friday
  • The meeting is the latest demonstration of America’s hatred of the Middle East
  • President Biden laid out a generous aid package to aid Israel in its war effort
  • US forces have come under repeated attacks in the region over the past two weeks

CNN reporter Sarah Sidner was live from the West Bank this morning, with angry crowds of Palestinians chanting 'F**k CNN – you’re not welcome here’ in the region’s latest indicator. Hatred of America swells.

Sidner is one of the network’s correspondents who has been in the region since Hamas launched the war on October 7. On Friday he was reporting from a street in the West Bank – one of the two Palestinian territories – when he was approached by an angry man.

’You are a genocidal supporter. You are not welcome here!’ He yelled at Sidner, getting close to her face as the others surrounded them.

’F*** CNN! F*** CNN!’ They screamed as Sidner and his crew moved silently.

CNN reporter Sarah Sidner was attacked by a group of Palestinians while reporting from the West Bank on Friday.
’You’re genocide reporters, you’re not welcome here,’ the man told Sidner and his crew.
The man got close to Sidner’s face, pointed at her and shouted, 'f**k CNN!’

The conflict is further evidence of US aggression in the Middle East and around the world.

On Friday, anti-US protests were seen in Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, while thousands of Palestinian supporters gathered elsewhere.

Earlier this week, the US military in Iraq, Syria and Yemen intercepted drone strikes and missiles.

USS Carney shot down two surface-to-air missiles and three drones fired by Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen.

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It was unclear whether the target was Israel or the ship. There were no injuries on board and none were reported on land among the public.

Sidner and team quickly moved to point to the incident as evidence of increasing aggression toward the United States in the Middle East.
Sidner is one of several CNN correspondents in the Middle East

On Tuesday, troops intercepted three drones at Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq. In the north, Al-Harir Air Base intercepted two more.

There were also attacks against troops in Syria near the al-Tanf air base near Syria’s border with Iraq and Jordan.

Another was reported at Conoco Airport. An Iranian-backed group, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance Group, has claimed credit for the attempted strike against the Conoco site, but U.S. officials have yet to confirm that specific strike.

On Wednesday, a contractor at Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq died of a heart attack while sheltering amid reports of an incoming attack.

President Biden last night offered a generous, $100 billion aid package to Israel and Ukraine.

„We cannot and will not allow terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin to win,” Biden said in his speech from the Oval Office.

President Joe Biden meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Biden was in New York to address the 78th United Nations General Assembly. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Malaysia: Malaysians protested outside the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Friday in support of Palestinians in Gaza, burning pictures of Israeli President Isaac Herzog and the country’s flags.
INDONESIA: Demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and chanted slogans during a rally in support of the Palestinian people outside the UN representative office in Jakarta on Friday.
BANGLADESH: Bangladeshi Muslims protest in solidarity with the Palestinian people at the Baitul Mukaram National Mosque after Friday prayers in Dhaka.

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