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The ingenuity of young people will shine at WRO 2023, the first-ever technical meeting in Panama between November 7 and 9. The competition has the motto „Connecting the World” and will highlight how robots can connect the planet in a sustainable, safe and efficient way.

Kunzmas, The Samsung’s official mascot welcomes two small visitors to the brand’s stand at WRO Panama 2023

the world Robotics It generally creates attraction and glamor and is the same for different generations. This is not surprising because, for a long time, the image of a human figure, the fantastical complexion, behavior, actions, responses and even the physical characteristics of people, has dominated the collective imagination. The result is magnified by having the ability to carry out the operator’s commands, including those that require special skills and can only be carried out by technologically sophisticated equipment. The robot has always been surprising because, among other attributes, it overcomes the limitations inherent in the natural engineering of the human body, which is why it is capable of doing „extraordinary things.”

The star moment is the official welcome to the boys, girls and youth participating in the Olympics

This topic of interest to many is part of the current agenda of technological events on the planet, thanks to the celebration World Robotics Olympiad 2023 (WRO 2023, its abbreviation in English), which takes place from November 7 to 9 in Panama City, in which Samsung is one of the main strategic partners. The World Robot Olympiad Association, The non-profit organization created in 2004, which hosts the competition with more than 93 participating countries, chose the Central American country in November 2021.

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„Connecting the World”

The spaces of the Panama Convention Center serve as a framework for the Olympics, which this year revolves around the motto „Connecting the World,” with a special focus on „how robots can connect the world in a sustainable, safe, and efficient way.” The official site of the event, The technological icons of the host country will be highlighted, especially the Panama Canal which will be a revolutionary work in technology and engineering connecting the world; At the same time, the program of events will emphasize recognizing and rewarding the talent, effort and competitive spirit of children and youth performing on the day.

From left to right: Jessino Lee, President of Samsung Central America and the Caribbean; Jeong Jin-kyu, Korean Ambassador to Panama; and HS Joe, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics Latin America.

Aged 8 to 19 years, participants will use education to demonstrate their knowledge. Steam (English abbreviation ie Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) by Educational Robotics.

In Panama, the National Foundation for Steam Development (FUNDESTEAM) has been organizing the National Robotics Olympics in the country for seven years, which, among other factors, allowed Panama’s application to host this international competition. In the past two years, WRO’s Panama chapter has received support from the First Lady of the Republic, Yasmin de Costiso, and the Ministry of Education, along with support and sponsorship from universities and private companies, including Samsung Electronics. .

HS Jo, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Latin America (left) and Jeong Jin-kyu, Ambassador of Korea to Panama

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As one of the cornerstones of its corporate citizenship program, Samsung joins this Olympics’ portfolio of strategic partner organizations to support and encourage the education of young people. As part of this support, Samsung Electronics The Panama Convention Center will feature an experience zone dedicated to Smartings, the brand’s app that allows integration of smart devices with home appliances for remote, highly automated management from anywhere, anytime. The app offers broad compatibility with products from different manufacturers, a platform that enables a more connected and personalized living experience, while changing the way users interact with their homes. The event was attended by HS Joe, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Latin America and Jesinho Lee, Samsung President for the Central America and Caribbean region.

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