The first and second divisions have new names: LaLiga EA Sports and LaLiga Hypermotion

LaLiga EA Sports and LaLiga Hypermotion will be the new names of Spanish football’s first and second division for the 2023-24 season, along with the following four names, LaLiga announced in a presentation. 'Nua Era’ with Electronic Arts as strategic partner for next five campaigns.

„Today we start a new era, one that will mark a revolutionary change for both Spanish football and the industry. And we do it surrounded by clubs and strategic partners.Or EA Sports, without whom none of this would be possible. We want to offer better football to society and better society to our football,” commented Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga.

Debas revealed this at the presentation of the 'Una Nueva Era’ campaign held at the Madrid Content City in Tres Cantos (Madrid), accompanied by EA Sports’ Brand Vice President David Jackson and a large number of representatives. 42 professional clubs LaLiga EA Sports and Hypermotion.

The change will involve a „huge evolution” at brand level, which should do with „double-digit annual increases” in line with its strategic plan with CVC, LaLiga’s managing general director Óscar Mayo said. A deal with EA, but they are very satisfied with the 'naming’ amount of matches.

This global transformation began with the announcement of the brand’s new positioning and mission under the label 'The strength of our football’, the tournament reaffirms its commitment to leave „excitement” and a „positive impact” on society.

The new era is 'not a change of symbol, it’s a symbol of change’, reads the slogan based on four axes, expressed at the presentation in Madrid: 'Make it important for everyone’; 'aim fearlessly high’; 'Trust talent, make your mark’; and 'Always do the right thing.’

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LaLiga’s relationship with EA Sports has been consolidated over the past 10 years. Now, a new phase begins, in which the leading video game publisher replaces Banco Santander as the title sponsor of the tournament, making the American company the first international sponsor to occupy this position.

For David Jackson, Vice President of EA Sports Brand, LaLiga „uniquely” shares EA’s vision of a „fan-centric” soccer future. „This partnership gives us the opportunity to redefine the way fans engage with sport. Combining LaLiga’s innovative spirit with our experience in building a diverse audience globally, we will continue to challenge, learn and grow together as partners,” he said.

Jackson noted that he is „excited” to see the association with LaLiga come to life in so many ways. „From audiovisual technology to entertainment innovations, from grassroots initiatives to digital communities, all with the aim of bringing football fans closer together,” he said.

The deal will be reflected in the naming of the first division, 'LaLiga EA Sports’, and the second, 'LaLiga Hypermotion’, referring to the technology used by the video game EA Sports FC. , based on motion capture, provides high-generation images to create more realistic gaming experiences.

Additionally, LaLiga Promises will become 'LaLiga FC Futures’ and LaLiga eSports will become 'LaLiga FC Pro’, while LaLiga Genuine will retain the name.

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