Samsung announces the ultimate infinity display, and at some point it will come to the iPhone

The new screen will support an under-panel camera, known as UPC technology!

Bezelless iPhone concept by user „UniverseIce” on X

A few years ago Mobiles had wide and thick bezels or frames, which made those cell phones easier to hold without accidentally touching the screen, acting somewhat as a safety measure. Over time, with the development of technology, Smartphone companies have invested a lot of resources into reducing the size of those bezelsWith the aim of achieving a better experience between the user and the screen, it gets more aesthetic and less heavy designs.

Recently, Samsung Display has announced that it is readying a „zero bezel” concept productThat is, to enable full screen on the front of devices, without borders. The central idea is to increase the user’s immersion in what he observes through mobile.

A shared challenge

This vision of a future of infinite smartphones is the goal of major manufacturers. Apple had already made this claim in late July, challenging Samsung and LG Display to build a bezel-less OLED display that supports fewer display cameras.

A few days ago, at the K-Display Business Forum presentation at COEX in Seoul, Samsung Display CEO Jung Yong-wook said that they are working on a bezel-less smartphone. The new display will support a bottom-panel camera called UPC technology.

Of course, The iPhone will be one of the first protagonists to reveal this innovation. And according to the reference image submitted by Yong-wook, the iPhone will feature a bezel-less OLED display panel, with a notch at the top and pill-shaped cutouts for the front-facing cameras. Samsung calls these panels 'all-round full screen’ OLED panels, and they feature 3D lamination technology and edge brightness control.

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Deep experience

Samsung and Apple are committed to making bezel-less mobiles, increases the size of screens and improves the experience while watching videos or playing games. Undoubtedly, it can be a very immersive activity because you will be completely immersed in what you are seeing.

While still there It may be a few years before we see an iPhone or Galaxy with this technology, is sure to be backed by a massive hit that’s here to stay. for now, Thanks to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we can get an advance from Apple It is expected to launch the slimmest bezels in mobile history.

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