„Playing in Dortmund has nothing to do with playing in Madrid”

Lalica Continuing the news for next season. This Thursday they announced what the new pipe numbers will look like Sleeve 'Patch’It will also have a 'surprise’, because by scanning it you will be able to access exclusive content and „unique” experiences, in the words of José Manuel García, strategic account manager. Avery TennysonThe company LaLiga has partnered with to develop this technology in the new badge.

Oscar Mayo, LaLiga’s Managing Director, expressed his satisfaction with the innovation. „This is a special season with the arrival of EA. In this process we want to work with the best in each vertical, and there is Avery. Every week we are going to discover things. It is umeros and 'cookie’, which is able to communicate with fans,” he said.

LaLiga was announced 10 days ago Its new logo and its new mottoAnd that too will unfold in the coming weeks New name of the tournament (July 3), new ball and also its new music. In the case of the 'patch’ released this Thursday, the user will have to download the free app available on both Android and iOS and scan it to access the exclusive content.

Morientes: The story with Ronaldo and an update on Bellingham

The event was attended by Fernando Morientes and Miguel Ángel Moyá, who at the beginning talked about how the numbers were, then answered questions from the media, and Óscar Mayo, who answered some current issues.

The former Real Madrid striker told a story related to Real Madrid and Ronaldo’s number '9′. „I liked 9 and 10 because of Lautrup, who used 10 in his team. In the end you choose a number for seniority. In the national team, 10 and 9 is very expensive. There are moments when I can choose. 10 because of seniority. When I arrived in Monaco I was free, it was a Sweet. In Madrid I had 9 Sugar it and I got 15. I had to do well with 15 to choose to wear one day. That 9. When Ronaldo arrived, the club tried to seduce me and give it to them, and I said „OK, whatever it costs me, I’m going to give it to him”..

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Afterwards, Morientes talked about the shirts he has and what he would like to hear if he were to play today: „I have a favorite shirt at home with Zamorano’s 1+8 from Inter. I have some „When someone is a LaLiga ambassador, he picks them up. I like the one from Bellingham because it’s something new to the collection. And I prefer one of Lewandowski’s because I don’t. should,” he explained.

Asked exactly what Bellingham presented to Real Madrid this Thursday, Morientes soaked in: „The key to the jump is skill and head. If you have that responsibility and that head, it covers everything. With all due respect, playing for Dortmund has nothing to do with playing for Madrid, and you won’t realize it until you arrive.. This is the only uncertainty. I think the progress he’s made gives me the impression that he can be a player for a long time.”

He also mentioned a player he would like to see at Real Madrid: Harry Kane. „I like Harry Kane, he’s been out in a lot of races and he’ll be a good player to take 9 for immediate performance.. I am not thinking about the economic aspect, the club will be thinking about the economic aspect. My taste is for the personal moment and not for future financial gain”.

Moya and Casillas’ first shirt

Miguel Angel Moya also told a story about shirts, in which Casillas played the protagonist. „The day I made my debut, we made our debut against a Madrid team of stars. My idol is Casillas, he is a reference for young goalkeepers. The first game is Mallorca-Real Madrid, we lose 0-1 and I go with fear. Iger. I say „I’m sorry, I can ask you for the shirt … but do you mind if I give you mine at the Bernabeu, it’s from my introduction…” And he said, „Yes, of course.”.

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The exporter said to whom he will change the shirt today. „I’ve changed a lot depending on whether I’m a goalkeeper or a friend. Today I’ll be with Busquets, because he represented for Spanish football, then Joaquin, the latest, chose. And active players, Murigi, Pirate”.

„We are delighted that the best player in the Bundesliga is coming to LaLiga”

Oscar Mayo, executive director of LaLiga, reviewed some current affairs such as the possible deal with Real Madrid Mbappé, the arrival of Bellingham or the financial situation of Barcelona:

Mbappe: „The best players are in LaLiga, they always have been and always will be. We will be happy for them to come. Now it’s something that the clubs have to consider. The best players are always here and Mbappe is one of them. It’s nice to have him”.

Bellingham: „The competition goes beyond one player or another, but obviously the best player in the Bundesliga comes to La Liga, which makes us happy. The season ends and the best player in one of the 3-4 best leagues in Europe decides to come to La Liga. It makes us happy.”

Barcelona Situation: „You know it has suffered a lot of debt in recent years, especially because of Covid, and last year it made an effort, but it has to continue to be fixed. This is nothing new, they and my president said. It is clear that it is going well, he makes decisions for the players who finish.

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