„Now and Then”: How did technology make the Beatles’ new song possible?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Important in giving us a crystal voice John Lennon From a cassette recorded in his apartment a year before he was murdered.

Music group He returned with „The Last Song.” ’Now and then’ revealed this week and thanks to technology.

This is the third song featured on the cassette John Lennon Recorded in 1979, a year before the murder NY.

“It took 43 years to make this song. It was an old cassette that John Lennon recorded with three songs in his apartment in the Dakota Building across from Central Park. When he dies, 14 years pass until the widow Yoko Ono to provide Paul McCartney The cassette tells him: 'There are three John Lennon songs on this cassette,'” he explains. Technology of RPP

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'Now and Then’ and the technology of this new song by The Beatles. | Source: RPP

Free as a bird’Y’true loveWorked in the nineties Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr Y George Harrison Next Jeff Lynne As part of the project compiled, Published in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

’Now and then’: How has it been saved by technology?

Now and then’ There was a third song on the cassette, but the technology of the time didn’t allow vocals Lennon At that level Music group They demanded that it be published.

„When you record music and vocals on a cassette, there’s no possibility of separating the instruments from the vocals because everything is recorded on one tape,” explained Jesus Veliz in Ampliacion de Noticias.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) This project was useful. Although the use of AI is controversial, especially when it violates the rights of some artists, in this case it was used to extract John Lennon’s voice in the cleanest possible way.

There was a voice John LennonCrystal”, he reviewed Paul McCartney After hearing the outcome of the process, it was thanks to filmmaker Peter Jackson, who recently worked with him.to get back”.

„It took another 22 years to find the technology that could extract Lennon’s voice in quality. Music group They expected it,” Veliz explained.

Now and thenRecorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, using electric and acoustic guitar parts. George Harrison In 1995.

Singers, Bass, Drums will be provided Ringo StarrInspired by the style of piano and McCartney guitar solos George Harrison Added to create this song.

to Ringo Starr83, said the process was „the closest we got to having him (Lennon) back in the room. It was like John was there. It was fantastic”.

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