II Africa Forum 2023 – Five days to go!

The countdown is on for the opening ceremony International investment The Africa Forum takes place on Wednesday 8 November at the Forum Embassy Hill in Cape Town, South Africa.

A limited number of delegate passes are available for the event which Conducted together Isle of Man Intaba event.

At this must-attend event, we will bring together the region’s best-known financial advisors, wealth managers and other intermediaries and feature a number of informative sessions, including on-stage Q&As and panel discussions from our industry sponsors.

Registration for the event begins at 9.30am with Isle of Man Intaba sessions followed by brunch and networking. This will be followed by the II Africa Forum

’The Future of Cross-Border Savings and Investments, What’s Next?’ A Hansard or event lead sponsor’s session opening section entitled.

Fresh from the II Leadership Summit in London, Hansard Group CEO, Graham Sheward, Left Image, II will join Publisher Gary Robinson to discuss the industry’s key talking points today.

Evelyn Partners Senior Investment Strategist Daniel Ghazali will continue with a presentation on MegaTends – Investing for the Next Ten Years. Rob Shipman, MD Concept Group/Group CEO of UAP Group, will provide an update on the latest developments and their impact on the international pension and retirement planning industry.

The international investment panel session concludes with an international investment panel session – including senior figures from both Crick Wealth and Holborn Asset – on the same stage to discuss future proposals and future products before the prize draw and conference closing at 2.35pm.

“With the Isle of Man Indaba event and the excellent sessions presented by our three fantastic speakers and sponsors, we look forward to seeing the line-up for our first II Africa Forum,” said II Publisher Gary Robinson. „We have been asked to bring our world-class events to South Africa for some time and we are very much looking forward to seeing our readers and members at this event.”

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Register for the opening ceremony II Africa Forum 2023, Click here to register.

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