Peru vs Argentina 2026 qualifier will have world-class technology to broadcast

Peru vs Argentina will have world-class coverage – Credits: Mediapro

The Team Peru will get ArgentinaThe reigning world champions at the National Stadium in Lima on the 4th South American Eligibility heading towards World Cup 2026. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 17 from 7:00pm (local) and will feature a major innovation in its broadcast.

As reported MediaproThe company responsible for telecasting the match will have the best quality equipment, technology and infrastructure with the aim of providing a luxury experience to those watching the match from their homes.

Alfredo ArosmenaAudiovisual Group CEO Jose Díaz released details of the work being carried out at Colossus. ’Albiceleste’. He also pointed out that the audience will get a chance to enjoy engagement in a completely different way.

“Many people in the country and the whole world will watch this match and we want to continue to make a difference in terms of audiovisual products to show our face for Peru. The aim is for the viewer to enjoy the match with high picture quality.The clarity of the sound, along with the large number of shots and angles, are available to deliver those details that allow the audience to live the experience fully and in real time,” he explained.

It should be noted that the transmission will be perfect for the entire continent and the world, as each TV company will be given a single signal with its narrators and commentators to manage it best. It also includes game notes made before and after the game.

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Likewise, he revealed that the current classification process „has a more intensive use of harsh optics. High level approach And details from multiple cameras. It’s a focal point to achieve the highest impact on the spectator experience and the way they enjoy the game.”

Learn about the world-class technology used in the match between Peru and Argentina – Credits: Spread

On the other hand, the managing director of the company pointed out that 250 professionals are working to create history in production and transmission. In addition, he emphasized the number of cameras used compared to local matches: and 14. Guaranteed not to miss a play.

The camera plant used is at the level of the first competitions worldwide. The technical advantages of broadcasting include VAR, which includes the host broadcaster’s cameras, including personalization cameras facing the field of play, up to a maximum of 36 possible cameras,” he concluded.

As you may remember, on the first double date, Mediapro Pre-announced commitment between Peru Y Brazil. On that occasion, the broadcast created good feelings among the audience, so it will be repeated in other matches in the capital.

Peru vs Brazil: They play for the 2026 qualifiers

Tickets for Peru vs Argentina They sold out within hours. Despite the high cost, fans bought tickets and the National Stadium will be packed to capacity on Tuesday, October 17. Undoubtedly, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) This meeting will raise a good amount of money, even more considering the presence Lionel MessiThere will be many possibilities for who initiates the action.

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It should be noted that on this occasion, the popular stadium will be at 100% capacity, unlike the second date of the event, when only 75% will be activated. FIFA For discriminatory acts in the last match of the previous qualifiers.

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