New opportunities in a world of limited resources

iSanidad Yearbook 2023
Alberto Martínez, General Director of Siemens Healthcare in Spain
At Siemens Healthcare, we are pioneers in healthcare. For everyone. everywhere. Fixed. Bringing the #Healthineers family together, this mission highlights our sense of social impact, commitment and contribution to future generations. Is he „therefore” Our strategy and our business.

In a world of limited resources, our collective challenges are more urgent than ever. We want to move toward a world where advances in healthcare create new possibilities with minimal impact on our planet. We have the responsibility and challenge to solve challenges in healthcare through our differentiated strengths, innovative solutions and alliances focused on digital twin, advanced therapies, diagnostics, digitization, data and AI.

From transforming our product development processes to designing to conserve resources across the value chain, from the ground up. Additionally, opportunities arise to collaborate, co-create and evolve with our partners and customers to achieve change, because just that: we have a responsibility to lead towards a more sustainable future.

„In a world of limited resources, our collective challenges are more urgent than ever. „We want to move toward a world where advances in health create new possibilities with minimal impact on our planet.”

In line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Siemens Healthcare We are committed to improving the lives of all, ensuring prosperity and leaving no one behind, while ensuring the safety of the planet. In other words, we're bringing healthcare closer to everyone, reducing our environmental footprint while leading the way in healthcare technology, and engaging with our healthcare professionals to achieve this impact on a global scale. We accept the challenge of creating new possibilities with our technology, but how?

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Improving healthcare for all

Sustainability in health technology is not only about environmentally friendly products, but also about ensuring sustainable access to a better quality of life. Recently, we met a patient named Joseph who made a full recovery thanks to a new approach to stroke treatment. In an innovative way that combines the knowledge of professionals, the latest technology, data, digitization and the creation of a value alliance, Joseph was able to undergo surgery 30% faster, which changed the effectiveness of the results and, therefore, their quality of life.

We protect our Earth's resources

At Siemens Healthcare, we believe that sustainability drives responsible innovation. As health technology companies face environmental challenges, we are driven to develop more efficient and accessible solutions. To reduce our environmental footprint, we adopt more efficient manufacturing practices, improve the cycle and longevity of our products, reduce waste and choose renewable energy sources. This not only benefits the environment, but also contributes to long-term operational efficiency and cost savings.

We engage our collaborators

A sustainable health technology company will not only strengthen your brand, but also become a magnet for professionals who want to contribute to meaningful and sustainable solutions.

We believe that today's global challenges require diverse minds. Our advances are a collaborative team effort, the result of the consistent impact of each healthcare professional. Therefore, we are all committed to safeguarding a diverse, inclusive and healthy work environment, and our goal is to achieve human impact on a global scale. We are proud to be back on the list Best place to work.

We also recognize that addressing sustainability challenges is beyond our individual capabilities. Therefore, we are committed to collaborating with other companies, institutions and organizations to drive sustainable innovation in the technology sector and beyond. In conclusion, sustainability in our case is not just a path to follow; That is the essence of our journey.

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