New actors and conflicts

In the second season of MAX's real estate reality show Selling the Hamptons, Bad boy agent And new cast member Dylan Eckhart reveals to the cameras about his castmates: „I don't like them at all.”

In another scene, agent Peggy Zapagolas walks away from a team meeting and tells new cast member Ashley Allen, „Let's try to stop calling other women pitches.”

Amidst the setting of the Hamptons home market — a residential fantasy land of mega-mansions — ostensibly designed to evoke a relaxed second-home vibe — the show's drama includes accusations of trying to steal each other's listings, tensions between the Nepo kids in the biz. There's even an open house led by cast member Mia Calabrese at a home under construction. While guests sip drinks, workers go full tilt with their drills to complete the residence by summer.

The show features a group of agents working for Nest Seekers International, founded by showrunner Eddie Shapiro in 2002. The cast includes former model Michelle Fulfree (who I spoke to him American Weekly about her 80-pound weight loss journey since the second season recently aired); his long-time good friend JP Andreasi; and Bianca D'Alessio, whose sales base is New York City. Some of the actors first appeared on the Netflix show Million dollar beach houseBefore joining MAX Selling the Hamptons.

Selling the Hamptons - Cast

From left, Max's 'Selling the Hamptons' scene with Bianca D'Alessio, Mia Calabrese, Eddie Shapiro and Dylan Eckhart.


„It's a very exciting season. We have a lot of new personalities, a lot of new characters and exciting properties,” says a speaking Shapiro. THR About the dynamics of the show, how the series first came together and what a Hamptons house would be her dream listing.

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What are some highlights? Selling the Hamptons So far for you?

In Season 1, a lot of things happened — like introducing and bringing in some more New York brokers in the Hamptons. There's some interesting tension that happened on and off camera. It's a fun relationship between New York City brokers and Hamptons brokers, where they need each other and they network a lot and work together, but on the other hand they don't want to come off either side. Enter their world and cannibalize their business. New York City brokers come in, spend a summer there, make noise and leave when October comes. It's an interesting dynamic, we're friends but we're crazy. We are very good friends – unless you come to my backyard and do business locally.

Eddie Shapiro - Nest Seekers International - President and CEO

Eddie Shapiro is president and CEO of Nest Seekers International

Paul Husband/Plum Pictures

What can viewers expect from the show when it comes to houses?

Homes in the three to four million range, a starter home in the Hamptons these days, all the way up to a $150 million waterfront estate. This is one of the most expensive properties ever to be featured on these shows. It literally covers the Hamptons from top to bottom.

Selling the Hamptons - Real Estate - Property

A property featured in Season 2 of 'Selling the Hamptons'


What do you like about hosting the show?

I love watching our brokers – most of whom are the younger generation – grow and grow and grow in the business. I love watching their brand grow and see them transition from young brokers trying to make a living into household brands. I am very invested in individuals; That's always been my thing in the industry.

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Do you know yet if the show is confirmed for a third season on MAX?

I have no authority to say.

How did he do it? Selling the Hamptons Will it come first?

Nest Seekers has been in the media for the past 15 years Million Dollar Listing He is Bravo [which starred former Nest Seekers agent Ryan Serhant] And it continues to live in that space as part of our journey, not just as a brokerage but also as a lifestyle brand. Real estate is an ever-growing category in the world of television and media. I believe the conversation started with a production company about five or six years ago. Early ideas for what a real estate show would look like were about the Hamptons. We kicked around different ideas and eventually landed on showing this group of young brokers forming a team in the Bridgehampton office—Bridgehampton being the epicenter of the Hamptons, and that's how it started. Actually it started with Netflix, it evolved and eventually landed back with MAX, which is where we are today. A lot of shows have been made about LA – Sunset Sale, Buying Beverly Hills, Million Dollar Listing LA But there's never really been a show about the Hamptons other than ours. I think it's unique and different and interesting because it's not a world that's seen a lot of cameras. It's a little more secretive enclave.

Got a dream home listed in the Hamptons?

There's a house that, if it ever comes on the market, is worth 500 to a billion. [businessman] Ira Rennert's fine estate in Sagaponack is Fair Field. I will say that everyone liked it, not just me. He built it over many years. It's about 64,000 square feet and I think it has 70 bathrooms. It is probably the most expensive house in America.

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