Navy Pink Ribbon Tour at La Maddalena

Navy Pink Ribbon Tour at La Maddalena – Day 2

Navy’s Pink Ribbon Tour 5 Jul 11:49 BST

Navy Pink Ribbon Tour at La Maddalena

Naval Nostro Rosa Tour in La Maddalena – Day 2 © Naval Nostro Rosa Tour

The Marina Militaire Nostro Rosa Tour 2023 is currently hosted in La Maddalena, showcasing an impressive schedule of activities for participants and the public.

Marina Militaire Nostro Rosa Tour is a prestigious sailing event organized by Defesa Service Spa and SSI Events with the support of Marina Militaire. It is a travel event that showcases the beauty of Italian beaches through various sailing and recreational activities. Considered the longest and most important regatta in Italy and the Mediterranean, it attracts many different sailing classes and offers a wonderful experience for participants and spectators alike.

Yesterday, July 4th, a wonderful day awaits as part of the Marina Militaire Nostro Rosa tour. The morning started with a bike ride to the Garibaldi Memorial to celebrate his birthday. Each participant received an official Marina Militaire Nostro Rosa Tour t-shirt as a token of appreciation. The event, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of La Maddalena, gave the opportunity to present the first section of the cycle path to the press and to open it with a mayoral ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Later in the day, the first stage from Genoa to La Maddalena features the Benue Picaro 3. In addition, the Wingfoil and WASZP classes demonstrated their skills in exciting offshore trials.

To end the day on a pleasant note, a joint meal was arranged, giving participants an opportunity to socialize and engage in cultural exchange while tasting local pasta.

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It’s a day full of sports, celebration, culture and exploration for all enthusiasts of the Marina Militaire Nostro Rosa tour.

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