SCO strengthens youth development for a better future

Beijing, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- People’s Daily reports: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) promotes the spirit of good neighborliness and promotes equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness among civilizations.

Youth representatives from Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries practice Chinese martial arts with local primary school students in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong Province. (Photo by Zhang Bolan/People’s Daily)

It calls for the peaceful coexistence and harmonious development of various civilizations, and expands people-to-people and cultural cooperation. This has improved public support for state-to-state relations.

In recent years, the SCO has developed sound platforms for youth exchanges to deepen mutual understanding and bring them closer to the younger generation. The development of the SCO is highlighted by the continuously strengthened friendly exchanges among the youth of the SCO member states.

Ilya Kryshevich, a journalist for Belarus Today, has been reporting on the Chinese economy for nine years. He told People’s Daily that he goes to the Great Stone China-Belarus Industrial Park, a major Belt and Road cooperation project, for interviews almost every month.

„There are drastic changes taking place there. We sometimes joke that you never enter the same China-Belarus industrial park twice,” said Ilya Kryshevich.

He noted that youth in Belarus have benefited greatly from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). „Many innovative companies in the medical field from China have entered the Belarusian market, which provides immense job opportunities for young Belarusians. Besides, many young people in Belarus have established innovative science and technology companies in industrial parks,” he added.

Connectivity is key to Belt and Road cooperation. Islam Okunov, head of the department for international cooperation and evaluations of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports, said that the construction of a highway network between Central Asian countries was thanks to the development of the Silk Road. The economic belt transforms Uzbekistan from a landlocked country to a landlocked country.

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„It connects my hometown to the sea and ports. I look forward to the initial operation of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway,” he told the People’s Daily.

From the issuance of the Declaration of the SCO Youth Council to the establishment of the SCO Exchange Platform for Young Entrepreneurs and the hosting of the SCO Youth Complex to the solid progress of the China-Russia Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator, the SCO promotes youth development. in an orderly manner.

Last year, the SCO Forum on Youth Development was held at the Qingdao Skoda Pearl International Expo Center at the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (SCODA) in East China’s Shandong Province, where youth representatives from SCO member countries shared experiences. and youth development in their respective countries, renewing friendships and seeking a better future through the clash of ideas.

Nikolai Zhdanov, a youth representative from Russia, has been involved in the SCO’s youth work since 2020. He believes that youth development has become an increasingly important topic for SCO member states.

„Youth exchanges are essential to maintain good neighborliness and friendly cooperation among SCO member states. During this event, I had the opportunity to interact with youth from countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and we agreed to start more bilateral and multilateral youth exchanges. projects,” Zhdanov said.

„It’s Keeley, it’s BYD.” On a street in Qingdao, Taalaybek Dayirbekov, chairman of Kyrgyzstan’s Youth General Council, casually refers to Chinese car brands as new energy vehicles (NEVs).

„In Bishkek, a large number of Chinese NEVs operate on the streets, helping to mitigate air pollution and improve the urban environment. BRI not only brings economic benefits, but also improves the quality of life of people in partner countries,” noted Dayerbekov. .

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Jahangir Mushtaq, Assistant Director of the Prime Minister’s Office of Pakistan, believes that through youth exchange and cooperation among SCO member states, youth can better participate in public policy making, access quality and equitable education, and develop digital skills.

„With more than 800 million young people living in SCO member states, pursuing better youth development is critical to the future of the organization,” Mushtaq said.

Chinese Communist Youth League (CYLC) Central Committee Secretary and All-China Youth Federation Vice President Shabgat Wushur said the development of the SCO fully demonstrates the „Shanghai spirit” and the guiding role of integration. True diversity.

He said that in response to development challenges, the world expects youth to shoulder responsibilities and thus youth development is very important.

He also called on countries to jointly lead the international agenda for youth development to build consensus, strengthen cooperation, innovate youth development concepts, working methods and cooperation mechanisms, and promote new growth drivers for global growth.

Source: People’s Daily

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