NAISP's Hector Vega: 'Transparency needed in the ICT sector'

About last year, Vega Commented: 'With the change of government, it was able to stabilize Dr. Sandra Urrutia Firstly Minister DIC; Those who already know the work of small ISPs and can achieve the proposed objectives of connecting the entire country. Although 85% is set as a target; However, we know that Colombia is already 100% connected, but due to the lack of strictness of government control, there are still many ISPs that do not comply with the duties and obligations to the governing body of ICT in the country. They either don't report or underreport the number of users they provide their services, I believe they were born with the skill of some pioneers who maintained an underreporting of those connected to the television signal. Efforts by programmers to eradicate this scourge.

I know the latter is hitting the keys, but we won't exhaust every actor involved in the telcos. fingerThey must be transparent and respectful of the duties and obligations they have to fulfill, as this is the only profession that regularly enters our homes in person and through the services provided.

with Minister DIC, We were able to participate in the work schedule for the creation of the National Development Plan for the period 2022-2026 (PND), where we lived a new experience where we could say with certainty what we did and what we could achieve by taking into account. In government programs to extend or provide internet service to those who need it most.

The law promulgated by the PND included commitments to small ISPs with a maximum of 30,000 users to come up with development plans to expand their networks and strengthen their institutions, as well as take into account plans to scale up Internet service. The gap in places where the ability to pay for the service is low, when subsidized, can be catered to this market,' he added.

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