The Olympic Games and the Week of the French Language: a golden opportunity!

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are in sight, but the French Language and Francophonie Week, organized from March 16 to 24, has now taken the stage. on stage (On the Podium) is actually the subject of the week, which celebrates sport in all its Olympic forms outside of the French language and the French-speaking world. Isn't French the official language (along with English) of the Games since 1896?

As the French Ministry of Culture, the main supervisor, explains, the Week of the French Language and Francophonie is traditional „An event for those who love words”. Since 1995, this week has become a prime time for celebrations of the French language, during which the public participates. Many events took place in France and French-speaking countries.

Ensuring the presence of French during the Olympic Games

The 29th edition of the Week of the French Language and Francophonie will be held on March 20, the Day of the French Language in the World, “A golden opportunity to celebrate French worldwide”, say the organizers. By choosing a subject on stage (at the podium), this version „recognizes”Vocabulary of Sports Words and Olympism”.

Although the Olympic Games were actually created in Greece, France played an important role in the revival of this sporting tradition in the 19th century. Actually, the French Stone Coubertin Dubbed the „Olympic Movement”, this reformed the international sports ideal, which still justifies the prominent place of the French language in sports. Official language of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). However, according to a representative of the Ministry of Francophonie at the Ministry of Sports, „it is a daily struggle to ensure the presence of French in sports”. The fact that the upcoming Olympic Games are being held in France is a „guarantee of the presence of the French language at the same level as English”. But France has still asked the IOC to „study the matter more actively”. Both French and English have „be equal”. Signs and billboards and official press conferences and traffic.

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Celebrating the French language and sport as a whole

Sports training too Playing with words. More words „Always participated in sports”, says the official website of the event.

Each game has its own rules, which are written down. Likewise, expressions from the sports world are present in French with expressions like „”.Thrown away” (meaning “loosen the mooring lines”, toss), “Keep your nose on the handle” (“keeping your nose on the handle”, focusing on a difficult task under stress and unable to see the bigger picture), “Catch the ball” (“catch the ball on the rebound”, seize the opportunity), “Wet the swimsuit” (“wet the shirt”, put too much energy into something) or “To send a cane” (“passing the rod”, sending something to someone)! According to the organizers, the game is a game “Just like a word game” and at a time Sport is more globalized than ever, and the challenge is to „preserve the place of the French language”.

Thousands of events are organized to achieve this goal in France and abroad. This year, there will be many highlights Celebrate French and sport as a whole” using words and Olympism”. The project focuses on „French-speaking identities” and takes the form of writing workshops, oral troupes, dictations, slam contests, but more classically conferences, debates, exhibitions, writer/reader encounters, and more. The entire program is available on the website of the Ministry of Culture.

Maintaining bridges between the Olympic Games and the Francophonie in the Cité Internationale de la langue française

In addition to this week, later in 2024, Even the Cité Internationale de la langue française will „celebrate Olympism”.. Before arriving in Paris for the opening ceremony of the Games, the Olympic torch will pass through France for more than two months and will stop at the Cité Internationale de la langue française, on the 58th step of the course. 17 July.

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The trend of the Olympic torch should be real 400 cities in France. This course will highlight all the richness and diversity of French heritage. The torch will be extinguished”This unique cultural space, first dedicated to the French language and French-speaking cultures: Cité Internationale de la langue française, Villers-Cotterêts, in the Aisne department”. As highlighted by the Ministry of Culture, „The former castle of Francis 1st, a welcome Specific plan to the event”. Visitors will find an exhibition with free access The relationship between Olympism and FrancophonieFrom July to September.

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