They recommend that the SET should formalize education technology teachers – la verdot

Through the Secretary of Education of the State of Tamaulipas, the state administrator is urged to regularize the working conditions of teachers in the field of educational technology and, ultimately, to recognize their seniority and rights and begin their basic work. For more than 20 years.

Ángel de Jesus Covarrubias Villafuerte, local deputy, especially in Tamaulipas, this important work of laying the foundations of technical knowledge is in charge of more than 400 teachers specialized in information technology management, who have more than 20 years. They provided their services consistently and regularly, ensuring that our students received the instruction they needed to continue their academic and professional development.

However, the work situation of these teachers is complex and based on uncertainty; The above, he revealed at the forum, is because many of them have been under a regime where their labor rights have not been recognized since they entered the education system.

Some of them receive only a salary, which is not very suitable for their day-to-day activities: and they do not have the basic benefits that other members of the teaching profession do.

That's right, a local legislator said the working conditions of educational technology teachers are „deplorable” for the professionals whose hands are in the educational and professional preparation of Tamaulipas' current and future generations.

That is why, through this legislative action, we request the State Executive Committee Chairman, Tamaulipas Secretary of Education to immediately regularize the job status of the Education Technology teachers and eventually, begin the basicization of these servers. pointed out.

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