Murcia promotes the use of technology to monitor the water status of crops

He Murcian Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development Institute (Imida), dependent Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Monitors crops Environmental monitoring By Remote Sensing and High Precision Technologies Like drones.

We use latest technologies, Images with integrated multispectral systems such as satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles, farms, their crops and detection of incidents”, explained Andres Martínez Bastida, director of IMIDA, in 'Drones and Agrotech: the new horizon of smart agriculture’. Organized by UCAM Hitech and DJI Agriculture in collaboration with IMIDA The meeting was held at the institute’s facilities.

Martínez Bastida assured that “these systems They provide us with valuable information about the water status of crops.Its expansion, plant growth and its health status make it easy to make decisions.

These technologies are often used for the control and monitoring required by European regulations, for example, to grant aid or to guarantee compliance with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Information and data provided by a network of IMIDA agrometeorological stations, surveys or sensors are used in crop areas in public and open access platforms. Thus, Society makes all these tools available to farmers Help them optimize water use and irrigation frequency, determine the amount of nutrients plants need, or anticipate weather hazards.

The Imida director emphasized, „All these technologies allow us to fight against drought and climate change because they make it easier. decision making Public and private agencies for efficient water management and prevention of soil erosion.

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