At the launch of the mobile, the king asks that the technology „protect and protect rights”.

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King: „Now more than ever, it is essential to work together to guarantee safe, stable and sustainable connectivity”

He King Philip VI It was highlighted this Sunday during the inaugural address Mobile World Congress de Barcelona Importance Protect security And this Rights of citizens And this Collaborate with digital transformation, his speech in Spanish, English and Catalan highlighted its role in the growth of the economy and achieving greater competitiveness. «We must never forget that Every step taken must Allow us To protect personal safety And this rights of each city and, ultimately, of society as a whole», presiding over the welcome dinner of the 18th edition of MWC, the world's largest mobile technology exhibition, held at the National Museum of Art, the head of state pointed to challenges such as artificial intelligence. Catalonia.

The mobile technology industry, during his speech at the launch of Mobile, pointed out that the world is connecting, but he stressed the need for an open network of solutions.Stable, stable and secure». Based on the possibilities offered by technology, Philip VI insisted „Now more than ever, it's essential to work together to ensure safe, stable and sustainable connectivity.”

„The speed at which technological changes are created,” acknowledged King.Great» Lack of knowledge and this leads to a debate on whether societies are ready to integrate them. But, there is no doubt that digital transformation has become a challenge.All areas of economics and management should be addressed». „This is a meeting that I do not want to miss in the future,” said the king during his speech at the inauguration party attended by the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez; President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragones; Mayor of Barcelona Jaime Colboni and General Director of GSMA Mats Granrid, President of Paraguay Santiago Pena and others. Felipe VI has a special note for Peña, whom he will meet next week in Madrid during his mission to Spain: „We are delighted and honored by his visit.”

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King highlights that MWC is changing Barcelona «At the International Center for Mobile Technologies» Something he has been assured by Congress figures for a few days now. „Congratulations. It's not easy to improve yourself every year. You achieve them,” he addressed the organizers of the event, recalling that MWC is an „unbeatable meeting” for all actors in the field and those interested in the future of technology. Felipe VI also mentioned 4 Years from Now (4YFN), which is reaching its tenth edition and which he noted is „the biggest exhibition in Spain for digital entrepreneurs and startups”.

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